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How to conquer strong girls?

strong girls are full of self-confidence and arrogance, which means they don't care about things and people, and they are domineering. However, they love such girls. How to pursue and conquer strong girls?

1. Soft against hard.

Strong girls have their own opinions and a natural arrogance and domineering personality. If you meet the strong, you will be stronger. If you meet the weak, you will have the weak heart of a Bodhisattva. So don't meet her hard. Otherwise, it will be the result of meeting the two strong, and the brave will win.

2. Improve yourself.

Strong girls will have a strong desire to conquer, not to show weakness, so if you want to conquer her, you must first improve yourself, in order to force weak, let girls willingly bow down to you.

3. Attack its weaknesses.

Strong people have a kind of self-confident, high above and high-ranking mentality, which always gives the impression of being strong, weak and different, unique, so they will try to cover up their own shortcomings. If you can find the weak side of each other, you will be able to win with the weak.

4. Meticulous care.

A strong girl has strong independence, strong appearance and cold heart. In fact, she is lonely inside. Therefore, you should take good care of her and win her love for you.

5. True feelings.

Strong girls like to go straight and hate to beat around the Bush and fake feelings. Therefore, you should be honest with girls. If there is a little bit of hypocrisy, you will have no chance once recognized by girls.

6. Take what you like for granted.

Strong girls, arrogant and arrogant, actually also want to be cared for and loved, but they will show an attitude of not giving in, not compromising and not relying on, so you need to have enough patience, and have a deep and detailed understanding of them, according to the preferences and interests of the other party, take what they like and flatter them.