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What are the functions and effects of dandelion? What is diarrhea after drinking dandelion with people's attention to health preservation, more and more people have learned about some common Chinese herbal medicines in daily life. Dandelion is one of them. It can prevent and treat many kinds of diseases. Especially in the hot summer, more and more people use it to drink water.

For oral ulcer, acne, use it to drink; for breast hyperplasia, mastitis, use it to drink; for eye swelling, pain, fatigue, use it to drink; for stomach fire, too much stomach acid, use it to drink...

Although dandelion has many health preserving effects, it can be used to make water and drink it!

Dandelion in water, three drinks

1. It's inflamed and sore throat

A lot of people will get angry and have sore throat, especially when they eat some heavy food, such as spicy crawfish, which is more likely to get angry and sore throat. At this time, they can make a cup of dandelion tea and drink it for a day, and it's instant.

2. Stomach ache, dyspepsia, must drink

Often there will be no appetite, or dyspepsia, poor appetite, eat some cold food, there will be stomachache and other situations. At this time, you can make a cup of hot dandelion tea, drink it, can improve dyspepsia, increase appetite, alleviate stomachache.

3. Protect the liver and expel poison

Dandelion enters the liver and stomach channels. He is good at expelling liver poison, removing liver fire and repairing damaged liver cells. He has a good effect on repairing liver injury after drinking alcohol. It has a very good protective effect on hepatitis, fatty liver and so on.

Dandelion can clear away heat, detoxify, broad-spectrum antibacterial, often drinking helps to eliminate systemic toxins, can improve the skin acne, dermatitis, eczema and other conditions, is very suitable for people to detoxify as a daily tea.

Dandelion soaked in water, with "three don't drink"

1. Don't drink when it's cold

Everyone likes to drink cold things, but dandelion bubble water to drink warm, cool after the best not to drink, or it may cause diarrhea and other discomfort.

2. Yin cold syndrome, do not drink

Dandelion cold, there is Yin cold patients should not use, otherwise the condition can not be improved, but there will be side effects, the body will become poor appetite will also decline.

3. Allergic, do not drink

For example, after drinking dandelion water, the body has small pimples or itching symptoms, which are allergic conditions. Once allergic conditions occur, you should not drink again.