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How to deal with hyperglycemia? How to regulate hyperglycemia

Do you have high blood sugar? What about high blood sugar? High blood sugar doesn't have to be treated. It can be effectively controlled by scientific diet. Let's learn about it

How to regulate blood sugar effectively? 1. Exercise is the most direct and effective way to reduce blood sugar. You can choose walking, Taijiquan, stairs, cycling, mountain climbing, table tennis and other sports.

2. Control diet. Eat seven or eight full meals. Don't overeat. Eat regularly and quantitatively. Eat less and eat more. Don't be full and hungry.

3. Drink hypoglycemic tea. Drink some Chinese herbal tea that can reduce blood sugar, mainly including green flower tea, Kuding tea, mulberry leaf tea, tartary buckwheat tea, oolong tea, etc. drinking tea can not only reduce blood fat and lose weight, but also play a role in reducing blood sugar.

4. Eat more hypoglycemic food. There are many foods that can reduce blood sugar, including vegetables, fruits, grains, fruits such as cucumbers, walnuts, kiwifruit, vegetables such as agaric, garlic, carrots, etc. Eating more vegetables can not only reduce blood sugar, but also alleviate hunger caused by high blood sugar.