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The most comprehensive strategy of World Cup card collecting activities welfare of World Cup card co the countdown mode has been started in 2018 World Cup, and some platforms have also started card collecting activities. The bonus of over 100 million is amazing. So what platform card collecting activities are there? Let's take a look at the most complete card collecting strategies.

First, Alipay - set doll card to divide up 200 million red packets.

Alipay set up the doll card to divide up 200 million red packets, which is jointly organized by Alipay and Taobao and Youku. Each doll card corresponds to each participating country, with a total of 32 cards, which can be divided into cash as well as Jifu. To get together quickly, you need to use 3 applications, Alipay, mobile phone Taobao and mobile phone Youku, login and apply the application to complete the assigned tasks.

At 10:00 on July 16, the prize was opened on Taobao platform. In addition to the 200 million bonus package, there were also benefits of emptying shopping cart and getting Taobao doll suit. However, each user can only get one of the benefits. It should be noted that you need to bind Youku account with Taobao account to receive the award.

II - apply treasure - set life card to divide 5 million cash

Apply treasure's "play to earn World Cup" life card collection. You need to collect 5 different life cards, divide 5 million cash, collect and activate life cards, and exchange Q coins in the activity page. After drawing the life card, you need to download and install the corresponding software to activate it before you can get the prize. And it can only be Android QQ users, apple mobile users ignore it. The opening time is 24:00 on July 18.

3、 Baidu app - set the world cup card to divide up 600 million

Baidu app's World Cup gold card is divided into 600 million yuan. As the last activity of Baidu app's World Cup, this activity is the highest in all card collecting activities. Besides, the top 10000 users can also get the annual card of iqiyi video. This benefit is a little harsh. You can watch the play for one year free. The main page of Baidu app has two activity entrances, which can directly enter the activity.

Of course, if you have redundant duplicate cards, you can share them to your friends through wechat, friend circle and other ways. You and your friends will increase the number of times to draw cards, so the efficiency will be faster.

The opening time is 21:00 on July 15. Up to now, 6836 people have gathered. After calculating, the bonus is up to 600 million yuan. Divided by 6836 people, a lot of money can't be counted. Ha ha.

4、 Takeout of meituan -- Set 16 strong cards to win cash

Meituan takeout set's top 16 cards get 66 yuan in cash. You can draw cards in meituan app and wechat app. You can draw cards every day, or you can give cards to each other from friends. Collect all the top 16 card sets to get 66 yuan in cash reward, or exchange them for 80 yuan in general takeout red envelopes. After playing with Xiaobian, I think the activity will be a little difficult. Some need to place takeout orders to increase it Add the number of card drawing times.

I have compiled the following table for you to see at a glance.

Based on the above analysis, the recommendation index given by Xiaobian is Baidu app. The reason is that the bonus of 600 million yuan is the highest, and the way of collecting cards is relatively simple. The top 10000 people also send iqiyi annual members. Alipay's activities are second, Alipay activities may be due to the large number of participants, the cash that everyone can divide up is limited, but the welfare way of emptying shopping carts and cleaning dolls is also very attractive. This is our suggestion based on the analysis of the activity, for reference only.

The above is the strategy of small editing and arrangement. In the future, good welfare will continue to be released for you.