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How to judge whether there is still a chance after the failure of confession?

after expressing his love to his beloved, being rejected by the other party will undoubtedly bring him great distress, even psychological and spiritual attack. In fact, the rejection of confession does not necessarily mean the end of the road. There may be some specific factors in the refusal of the other party, so how to judge whether there is still an opportunity after the failure of confession?

1. The other side is catering to you in secret.

After the failure of confession, the other party caters to and cooperates with you in secret. No matter what advice and advocacy you put forward in front of the public, the other party will respond and support actively, which shows that the other party has feelings and righteousness for you.

2. When we meet, we are shy and bow our heads.

At the beginning, when you expressed your love to the other party, the other party resolutely refused you on the premise of no ideological preparation. After careful consideration, you must be carefully considered afterwards. After careful consideration, you feel that your heart is beating to you, so it will be an unnatural and shy feeling to see you again.

3. Speak without hesitation.

The other party always wants to say something to you, but he wants to stop talking, and he always wants to talk about the topic of refusing your confession. Most of them will say, in fact... That day... Originally... Forget... Don't say... And so on. In fact, the other side wanted to say that the refusal that day was not his original intention.

4. It's emotional.

Since the rejection of your confession, the other side will always look at you with affectionate eyes, affectionate, affectionate. The other side's eyes tell you that it's your biggest mistake to refuse you. I hope you can give the other side a chance to express your love again.

5. Take the initiative.

Since you expressed your love to the other party, although the other party refused you, but since then, you have been given more care and care. In fact, the other side refused verbally, and the heart has begun to accept and recognize you.

6. Close contact.

At the beginning, you refused to express your love because you were ordinary, didn't affect the other party, and even didn't have a deeper impression on you. After you expressed your love, you attracted the curiosity of the other party and paid attention to you. Although you refused, the other party will ask for your help in some matters and ask for your opinions and opinions on some issues. In fact, the other party wants to enter you and understand you deeply.