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How to avoid hair loss

Recently, there has been a lot of talk about hair loss on the Internet. It seems that hair loss has become a public problem. Netizens have said that their hairline has been moved up, post-80s hair loss is serious, and even post-90s hair loss has been added to the ranks.

The health of three thousand hair not only affects the appearance, but also the health of the body and viscera from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the kidney stores essence, and the liver stores blood, so the hair can reflect the healthy state of our liver and kidney, that is, whether the kidney essence and liver blood are abundant. If a person's kidney essence is insufficient, his hair is easy to lose luster and grey hair appears in advance; if the liver blood deficiency is insufficient, there is not enough nutrients to reach the end of the scalp, it is easier to lose hair.

Under normal circumstances, after 40-50 years old, the kidney essence will gradually decline, and the older the person is, the less kidney essence is, which is reflected in the hair, that is, the color will gradually turn white. However, modern people's overworked and stressed life style leads to the early occurrence of kidney essence deficiency. In addition to genetic and disease causes, common reasons include: too much mental pressure, insufficient sleep, irregular diet, too tired, lack of proper rest, long-term physical exhaustion, kidney essence will be excessively consumed, especially in the workplace.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that to have a dark and bright hair, which is not easy to break, we should start from regulating the spleen and stomach, nourishing the liver and blood, tonifying the kidney essence, and maintaining the smooth flow of Qi and blood (especially the head).

1. Eating black food

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the kidney dominates the black, so the black food usually enters the kidney, which can nourish the kidney essence. It is suggested to add black food into daily diet, such as black sesame, black fungus, black bean, mulberry, black glutinous rice, etc.

For example, in the morning, you can brew black sesame powder (not stir fried, not hot and hot), black bean powder, or you can add the famous Chinese medicine Polygonum multiflorum (powder) for breakfast, which is helpful to tonify the liver and kidney, prevent and improve white hair and hair loss.

The black food seaweed in the sea, such as kelp, seaweed and so on, is rich in iodine and can make hair shiny. In addition, there are also iron and B12 in seaweeds, which are important nutrients to prevent anemia and can make hair get sufficient nutrients.

Want to strengthen the spleen and stomach function, more moderate, all kinds of physique are suitable for yam or four gods soup. Yam can strengthen the spleen and stomach, promote digestion and absorption, but also can tonify kidney essence, especially for people who often have stomach discomfort and poor appetite is a good health food.

2. Get enough sleep and go to bed before 11 o'clock

Many TCM doctors agree that it's better to have a good sleep than to take tonics to nourish the liver and kidney to prevent the hair from turning white and falling down. "Huangdi Neijing" mentioned: when people lie down, blood will return to the liver. Therefore, enough sleep, the liver can be good repair. Also, it's better to go to bed before 11 p.m.

From the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, from 11:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m., blood flows through the gallbladder and liver, so the body should be fully rested at this time, otherwise the repair function of the liver will be affected, the liver blood will not be sufficient, and the normal growth of the hair will be affected. Sleep quality is good, the muscles and bones of the whole body can rest and relax, especially the shoulder and neck parts will not accumulate fatigue and rigidity, the movement of Qi and blood to the head will not be blocked, and the hair will get sufficient nutrients, natural and healthy.

3. Regular exercise and relaxation

Regular exercise is the best way to keep Qi and blood running smoothly, especially to reach the top of the scalp, especially to focus on the activities of lower limbs, shoulders and neck. Modern people's life and work style are mostly sedentary, so the circulation of lower limbs is very poor. In addition, staying in the low temperature air-conditioning environment all day is more harmful to blood circulation. Therefore, when busy people really can't find time to exercise, they should at least look for opportunities in the office, such as getting up for an hour to go to the toilet or tea room; in the seat, lift one's feet, turn one's ankle, promote blood circulation, and help the blood flow upward.

If you use a computer for a long time or look down at a book or a document, your shoulders and neck are easily stiff. You can also move your shoulders and neck for at least one hour, such as turning your shoulders forward or backward in circles, or turning your head to relax your neck. In addition, you can hold your head with both hands and press the Fengchi acupoint (on both sides of the rear neck, the hairline and the lateral tendon of the spine), which can relieve the discomfort of the neck.

4. Yongquan point of pressing kidney channel and Taichong Point of liver channel

Since the health of hair is related to liver and kidney, it can dredge the meridians and collaterals by tapping the liver and kidney meridians, so that Qi and blood can run smoothly, and it is also beneficial to hair growth.

The liver passes through the inner side of the lower leg, while the kidney passes through the longer side. Under the little toe of the foot, walk the foot heart obliquely to the back of the inner ankle, then go up along the lower leg and the inner back of the thigh, and finally to the abdomen and chest. If the general people are not familiar with the direction of meridians and collaterals, they don't know how to strike well. In fact, they can directly press the acupoints on the liver and kidney meridians, which also has health care effect.

Press Yongquan (sole, the front half of the sole of the foot, extending from the second and third toe seams to about the first third of the line of the heel). It can nourish kidney essence, help sleep and promote blood circulation.

In addition, pressing the Taichong Point of the liver meridian (between the big toe and the second toe, pushing to the top of the instep) can dredge the liver and regulate qi, relieve pressure, clear the liver fire, and also regulate the female physiological problems.

5. To comb one's hair from front to back with a comb or finger

Combing the hair can promote the smooth flow of scalp Qi and blood, so that nutrition can fully supply the growth of hair. The comb should be made of natural wood or horn, which is not easy to produce static electricity or pull the damaged hair. When combing your hair, comb it from the back of your forehead. Don't use too much force. Don't pull your hair hard to avoid damaging your scalp hair follicles. Without comb, you can use your hands and fingers to work for you. In the same way, you can go to the back of the comb, draw a circle on the scalp with your finger belly and rub it, or tap the whole scalp gently, which can promote the flow of Qi and blood in the head.

If the hair in a certain area of the scalp turns white and falls off obviously, massage the scalp in this area. If you want to protect your hair, you can often press several important acupoints to help relax your head and neck and smooth your qi and blood, including Taiyang acupoint, Fengchi acupoint, Baihui acupoint (two ears up to the intersection of the center of the head), Tianzhu acupoint (under the hairline of the neck, the depression on the outside of the tendon), etc.

Women should avoid tying their hair for a long time every day, or tie it too tightly, so as to avoid excessive pulling and increasing the amount of hair loss. Moreover, should not often wear too tight hair band, may cause the scalp local blood circulation to be bad. If you want to tie your hair, you can change your hair style. Don't tie the hair in the same area all the time, and often change the parting line. You don't need to worry about the less the hair is tied.