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How to recover quickly after sunburn

How did suntan recover? Are you still worried about tanning? Let's have a look

1. Basic maintenance: the daily basic maintenance should not be ignored. Clean your face thoroughly every day (including: remove makeup and wash your face). Exfoliate and apply once a week. Don't underestimate the power of exfoliating and applying. It can speed up the metabolism of your skin and make you white quickly. If you are worried about which kind of face dressing product to buy? Provide you a small recipe, yogurt face dressing, as long as you soak the yogurt with cotton pad, and then paste it on the face for 10-15 minutes, and it is said that it can also enhance the skin's resistance to UV! 2. Eat more vegetables and fruits: eat more vitamin C, e, & beta; Carotene food, can beautify the skin, let you quickly white back. Many people mistakenly think that the white back is related to the color of the food they eat. If the skin will turn white after drinking milk, who dares to drink coffee? Eat chocolate? Or eat the food with soy sauce? Although milk is rich in vitamin A, it may not be as fast to drink as it is to wash. In addition, mango ice is very popular in summer. Although mango is rich in & beta; carotene, you can't overeat it to avoid skin yellowing (P.S. carrots, papayas, oranges, these fruits and vegetables are rich in & beta; carotene, eating too much will also have the same effect on skin yellowing).

How can your skin turn white after sunburn? In addition, eating more than nine layers of towers, coriander (coriander), leek, red beans will also make your skin sensitive, easy to tan or sunburn spots. By the way, I'd like to provide you with a sweet soup, mung bean and job's tears soup or lotus seed and job's tears soup. Job's tears are especially helpful for skin beauty.

3, sunscreen: remember to rub Zhuang Zi beauty sunscreen lotion, sunscreen cream and Zhuang Zi beauty CC cream in 15 minutes before going out, and remember to take the door out. You must brush it out in the outdoors from one to two hours. Even if it has been tanned, it should be prevented from going black. Don't think you don't need sunscreen when sitting indoors! The floor, walls and glass will reflect ultraviolet light.

4. Drink plenty of water: at least 2000 cc of water a day to protect your skin and your kidney.

5. Normal work and rest: go to bed before 11:00 p.m. as much as possible. Even if you can't do it, you have to force yourself to go to bed before 12:00, because it's not so easy to come back quickly if you miss the beauty sleep time. matters needing attention

It takes time for the skin to get white, and the length varies with people. Of course, it is also related to everyone's age and skin type. The older you get, the slower you will get back. Some people's skin is not easy to get black naturally. Even if you get a thorough sun exposure, you can get back white all of a sudden; Some people are particularly sensitive to light. Even if they are sitting indoors, they will get tanned through the glass window. Want to restore clear and transparent skin, you need continuous care and sunscreen!