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I'm not the God of medicine. I'm not the God of medicine

Recently, the movie "I'm not the God of medicine" has also become a blockbuster movie. The Douban score has also reached 9.0 points, especially in the theme. It has made a bold attempt to directly attack the difficult problem of seeing a doctor in reality, so has the movie been cut? What are the clips I'm not the God of medicine?

Many people are commenting on it. This year or even in recent years, "I'm not the God of medicine" is a zero difference film. Strictly speaking, there will be some shortcomings in the film. Even the creator himself said that in fact, many parts of the film have been taken away, so when watching some scenes, there will be a clear sense of jumping editing.

For example, compared with other characters in the film, the depiction of the police detective and the director in the line of police investigation on fake drugs is more insipid, although the police role is handled boldly.

Recently, it was also said on the Internet that three scenes were cut off, the patient hung, the old man knelt down, and the police resigned. It's commented that when LV was killed, everyone went to the toilet to show that he had been hanged. This is not the case in the public version.

In fact, there are many small details in the movie, have you found them?

1. Sihui is called to dance by the nightclub man. Cheng Yongyi falls a few piles of money in a big way and asks the nightclub man to dance. Under the stripper stage, Sihui laughs and shouts "take off, take off clothes, take off pants". At the first moment, Sihui feels relieved, but at the second moment, she feels very distressed. Think of how many times a day Sihui has to face such a scene, and how much pain there is in her heart.

2. Wang Chuanjun's performance of LV beneficiary also has many details. The hardest part was when Xu Zheng went to their house to see the baby. He said that when he was five months pregnant, he found out that he was sick and wanted to die every day. Later, when he saw the baby, he didn't want to die. I want to hear his name is Dad, and I want to grow up with him as a grandfather. Pierce the heart. It must be because of this that he spent so much time to find India's Lenin Bar & hellip & hellip; when his wife toasted Xu Zheng, and later broke the medicine, when his wife knelt down to Xu Zheng, I could see the story of a family. The loving couple had a simple life, but there was nothing left after a disease.

3. Mask is also an important image. The mask is the symbol of the patient. The purpose of wearing the mask is to protect yourself. The purpose of removing the mask is to show respect for Cheng Yong. Only Lu took and took off the mask in a different way than others. He took many layers. At the end of the street, Lu was very conspicuous.

It's not good for your health to take off the mask, but is there anything more important than saving your life? Yes.

The friendship between people. Two times of collective removing masks marked the two ends of Cheng Yong's drug selling business -- the starting point and the end point. Head to tail.

4. The orange represents LV beneficiary. For the first time, we associate orange with LV Yili in Shenyou store. He asked Cheng Yong to smuggle Indian drugs and Cheng let him go. Lu benefited from this and then fondly touched an orange: 'eat an orange. The second time, Lu, who had stopped taking medicine for one year, was extremely ill.

When Cheng Yong came to see him, he comforted him, and at the same time, he tried to say 'eat an orange. The third time was a memorial service for LV. When Cheng Yong came out of his house, he heard the sobbing sound and looked back. Huang Mao sat on the stairs, weeping and eating oranges.

Why orange? First, orange is a very common fruit, cheap, in line with the patient's poor family conditions. 2、 Eating orange has the function of preventing and treating scurvy. It is said to be one of the fruits suitable for patients with blood cancer. Lu may have known this and wanted to live. He took an orange with him.

3、 There is an old saying in China that 'orange is born in Huainan, orange is born in Huaibei', which means that the same thing will show different looks in different places. The same medicine with similar efficacy is sold for 30000 yuan in China, but only 500 yuan in India. Is this another kind of orange.

5. Red Potion

This is a detail that can be read multiple times. My cousin and I have different ideas. When the representative of Swiss medicine (Li Naiwen) reported to the police station, officer Cao Bin (Zhou Yiwei) shook hands with him and left a red mark on the tiger's mouth with the wound on his hand.

Some say it's blood. I think it's red potion - in the last scene, Cao Bin is applying red potion to his fingers for disinfection. The medical representative was hard to sit and lie down. After a while, he took the handkerchief and wiped the 'stain' carefully under the lens. But the spots he couldn't get rid of were the voices of protest and the people who threw shit at him.

6. Fight against the landlord. Or Shenyou store. There was a scene in which Cheng Yong, Huang Mao and LV benefited from fighting against the landlords. In the game, Lu benefited from the "landlord", Cheng Yong and Huang Mao were "long-term workers", both of whom were from one country. When Cheng Yong, a long-term worker, wanted to take advantage of LV, the landlord, Huang Mao and Wang bombed Cheng Yong--

It is clear that Cheng Yong is a long-term worker, and Huang Mao has to fight against him as a landlord. Why? It's a dialogue later at the dock. After selling medicine again, Cheng Yong and Huang Mao stood at the wharf and chatted:

Q (Huang Mao): do you look down on me?

A: Yes.

After a pause, he added: it used to be.

It used to be.

In Huang Mao's eyes, Cheng Yong used to be a mercenary, unscrupulous businessman, a landlord, and other people were long-term workers. If we want to fight against the landlord, he will naturally fight against Cheng Yong.