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What are the daily effective ways to get rid of dampness in fact, many people have moisture in their bodies now, but when the body is not in time, many people don't pay attention to it, which leads to the rampant moisture. When the moisture is heavy, it's not so easy to get rid of it. So what are the manifestations of heavy body moisture? Let's take a look at it with Xiaobian~

What are the signs of heavy body moisture?

1. Head

When there is moisture in the body, the head is the first place to react. The evil of dampness initially invades the body, which can show heavy dizziness, body sleepiness, heavy limbs, uncomfortable body, as if heavy objects are attached to the body. In addition, there will be fever, slight fear of cold and wind, clear nose and other surface dampness syndrome. In addition to dampness, eliminating dampness and strengthening the spleen, it is the most popular topic for women and the elderly in winter.

2. Tongue coating

Thick and greasy tongue coating is a classic symptom of heavy moisture. It will appear when the body is not sick. It is the most accurate way to see the tongue coating in the early morning when the body is wet. In addition, there are teeth marks on the edge of the tongue, which is also a sign of heavy moisture in the body.

3. Digestive effect

Dampness perplexes the spleen and endangers its normal transport effect. It will show chest tightness and abdominal distention, poor appetite, reduced appetite, shapeless and so on. However, when the spleen deficiency is disadvantageous and causes "internal dampness", there are often manifestations of deficiency of Qi and dampness, such as weak breath, dull mouth, thirsty but unwilling to drink water, fatigue and fatigue.

4. Urination and women's defecation, and the defecation will also be relatively rare

Damp evil also has a feature of 'downward tendency', which can easily hurt people's parts below the waist. It can keep healthy in traditional Chinese medicine, strengthen the spleen and 'remove dampness'. The features of turbid urination, loose stool, excessive leucorrhea and pruritus in the vagina are all relatively classic.

5. Joints

If the moisture has eroded to the joint, part of the Qi and blood flow is not smooth, there will be limb joint pain, joint flexion and extension adverse performance.

6. Defecate does not form

Long term loose stools, the body must be in the erosion of moisture. After defecation, there is always something stuck on the toilet, which is very difficult to wash down. This is also a manifestation of wetness, because wetness has the characteristics of being sticky and greasy. There are wet people in the body, a piece of paper after defecation is not enough, you have to use more than a few.

What method can dispel moisture effectively everyday?

1、 Dietotherapy and dehumidification

The moisture in the body is heavy, so you can eat some moisture draining food, such as barley porridge, lily lotus seed soup, jujube and tremella lotus seed soup, ginger soup, onion, garlic, etc.

Self made Qushi Decoction

Appropriate amount of Poria cocos, adzuki bean, tangerine peel, lean meat or pig bone soup can effectively play a role in clearing away heat and removing dampness. This is the traditional dehumidification soup in Guangdong, which is suitable for drinking in summer. In the past, when the moisture was heavy, I made my own dehumidification soup. Later, my cousin said that we should pay attention to rest and don't stay up late. Our diet should be light, and the moisture would disappear in about a month.

Less salt, more spleen.

People who eat more "heavy taste" tend to cause moisture, because "heavy taste" will increase the burden on the spleen and stomach. We eat less salty food, and more liquid and cereals. Note: Job's tears is a good way to get rid of dampness, but job's tears will make the body cold and empty. The system of deficiency cold is not suitable for long-term use. Pregnant women and women in menstruation should avoid eating it. In addition, avoid eating cold and raw foods such as watermelon, cabbage, balsam pear, etc.

2、 Exercise to remove dampness

The best way to get rid of the moisture in the body of multiple sports is through sports. The perspiration of sports can not only expel the toxin, but also effectively expel the excess moisture, and help to promote blood circulation and metabolism. Proper exercise and perspiration are good for dehumidification.

3、 Prevention of moisture

Note that people with heavy sleep moisture must ensure adequate sleep to ensure that the body has sufficient resistance, and the wet weight can be effectively relieved.