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Is it true that Ronaldo has moved to Juve? Full text of Ronaldo's farewell letter

After Serie A became the undisputed overlord, Juventus have already turned their attention to the Champions League. In the last two seasons of the Champions League, Juventus have lost to Real Madrid, or rather to Ronaldo.

A few days ago, when the media revealed that Cristiano Ronaldo was about to join Juventus, many people only took this as a piece of gossip. But after fermentation, the transfer rumors become more and more intense, and the attention of Cristiano Ronaldo's transfer has even reached the top four stage of the world cup. On the 10th, the earthquake magnitude transfer was finally officially confirmed, and Ronaldo moved to Juve.

On the one hand, there are five golden ball winning superstars, and on the other hand, there are the 'Galaxy warships' that have won the most in the Champions League. If the cooperation between the two sides is compared to love, in the eyes of many people, the Portuguese end up in Madrid, which is the best destination of this romance. In fact, there are rumors about Ronaldo leaving the team every year, but why did he come here? And why is the new owner not Manchester United or Paris Saint Germain, but Juventus, who seems to have no contact with them before?

In fact, for a long time, Real Madrid has no tradition. In recent years, apart from Zidane, few players have been able to retire from the Bernabeu. From Carlos to Guti, from Raul to Casillas, no matter how meritorious they are, they can't leave their last official game to Real Madrid. Some of them are even mercilessly swept out of the door.

Full text of C Luo's farewell letter

These nine years in Real Madrid and Madrid may be the happiest time of my life.

I would like to extend my sincere thanks to the club and the city, and I must thank everyone here for their love and affection.

However, I believe it's time to enter a new stage of life, so I ask the club to allow me to leave. To this end, I apologize to everyone, especially the fans of the club. Please understand me.

The past nine years have been so beautiful and unique, it has been so exciting, and it has prompted me to keep thinking. Real Madrid have a very high demand for players, I will always remember these nine years, I enjoyed football in a unique way.

My teammates are excellent on the field and in the dressing room, and I feel the incredible passion of this team. Together we won three consecutive Champions League titles and won four in five years. With the help of my teammates, I won four golden ball awards and three European golden boots & hellip; & hellip; all of which I achieved in this remarkable club.

Real Madrid has won a place in the hearts of my family and me. For this reason, I would like to say thank you more than ever: thank the club, the chairman, the board of directors, all teammates and coaches, thank the physiotherapists and all employees for their excellent work. It is you who make the team keep improving and make all details perfect day by day.

Once again, I want to thank our fans and Spanish football. In the past nine years, I have played against the greatest players in the world, and I give them my inner respect and recognition.

I think for a long time, I know it's time to start a new stage of life. I will leave here, but no matter where I am in the future, this badge and Bernabeu will always accompany me.

Thank you all! Of course, as I said when I first set foot in Bernabeu nine years ago - "come on, Madrid!"