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Why health management?

as people pay more and more attention to the allowance of physical health, health management becomes very important. Health management is a systematic project. It's not a simple exercise or a small amount of exercise. It's health management. What do we need to do for health management as ordinary people? What's the meaning and the value?

1. Human life cycle.

In one's life, it is undeniable that with the increase of age, various diseases will gradually increase. And this process can be reduced or delayed through effective health management, the disease, the increasing trend. Let yourself get better quality of life in the life cycle.

2. Health management is a new concept.

Health management is to change one's health from passive management to active management. It is not to go to hospital after having a disease, but to intervene and manage one's own health when it does not happen. The main purpose is to maintain and promote health.

3. The significance of health management is that people are no longer satisfied with the disease-free state, but pursue higher quality of life, health and longevity. People's health status, a person's understanding of health, medical care, surrounding environment, as well as individual biological factors and lifestyle, are closely related.

4. Biopsychosocial medical model.

According to modern medical research, the main cause of many diseases is not caused by biological factors, but by bad lifestyle, or psychological factors, environmental factors, but also some diseases.

5. The value of health management is to reduce the cost of medical treatment. Even if life is paid, hospital stay will be reduced. The disadvantage is that health management is a slow process, but the return is fast.

6. Health management can reduce the probability of personal diseases, improve the quality of life and prolong life. On their own and national and provincial, medical expenses. Save medical expenses.