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How to get rid of body odor in our life, we occasionally meet people with bad odor, which is intolerable. How do we treat it? What's the reason for it?

How to treat body odor? Find out the causes of body odor, roughly as follows.

1. There is a certain relationship between the incidence and heredity of body odor. Nowadays, most medical people generally think that it is an autosomal dominant heredity. When both parents have body odor, the probability of passing it on to the next generation is about 80%; when one parent has body odor, the probability of passing it on to the next generation is about 50%.

2. Personal hygiene is also closely related to body odor. Bad habits of living and health often lead to body odor in many places that are not conducive to cleaning, such as under the breast, groin, armpit, umbilicus and other places have many wrinkles, and more secretion than other parts. Many young men and women like to wear tights, jeans, etc., which make the skin close to the clothes, prevent the volatilization of secretion, make these parts have high temperature and humidity, and some bacteria grow and decompose here, and produce special peculiar smell.

How to treat the odour? According to the causes of the odour for targeted treatment. If you want to cure the body odor, you need to use scientific methods.

In addition, we should pay attention to these things in our life

First of all, to get rid of body odor, we should keep an optimistic and positive attitude. Too tense or depressed emotions will lead to unhealthy emotions, break the balance of endocrine and lead to the aggravation of body odor. On the contrary, a positive attitude is also of great significance for the adjustment of body odor symptoms.

Secondly, to get rid of body odor, we need to pay attention to our daily habits.

1. A healthy diet. Healthy diet can play the role of odor care. The diet should be light and reduce the secretion of fat glands connected with sweat glands. Fruits and vegetables rich in water and dietary fiber can be used to promote the excretion of toxins and metabolic wastes in the body and reduce the excretion of skin surface, so as to slow down the odor.

2. Good hygiene. The daily care of body odor should keep good hygiene habits, especially the dry skin under the armpit, effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria on the body surface, weaken the decomposition of bacteria and play the role of body odor care.

3. Loose and comfortable. Too tight clothing will cling to the skin, preventing the secretion from volatilizing. Especially in summer, the local temperature and humidity are high, becoming the 'culture medium' of bacteria, promoting some bacteria to grow and decompose, and producing special peculiar smell.