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Why do cars tend to increase fuel consumption?

the oil price has dropped. Is it still expensive?? GUI is dead. Are you still increasing your fuel consumption for these reasons? I've sorted out some problems that are easy to lead to the increase of fuel consumption for you. Let's do it!

1、 Frequent braking and starting

This habit is more obvious in acute and novice. It's actually the number one 'wanted man' who causes the increase of fuel consumption. I know that it can save a lot of money to develop a good driving habit. Of course, if you are a local tyrant and you are willful, there is no way.

2、 Low gear high speed

Someone has tested one. If you drive at a long distance and high speed in gear 2, the fuel consumption will increase by no less than 10% compared with the normal driving in gear 4. Believe it, you can try it!

3、 The trunk also eats oil

If the trunk bears too much weight, your fuel consumption will rise with it, because the car is heavy and the fuel consumption is very high, but a good couple of brothers are in need of common troubles. If you don't reduce the load on the trunk, the fuel consumption will increase.

4、 Long idle

Summer has come, the road is more blocked, the outside of the car is hotter, many drivers will turn on the air conditioner to stop and walk on the road, it's been blocked for a long time, anyway, there is air conditioner. I don't know that your coolness needs to pay a price. Your oil pointer is slowly running, and a long idle will cause carbon deposition. Anyway, when I first knew this, I refused.

5、 Oil, the right one is the best one

There are many selection factors for the selection of engine oil. According to the performance, road conditions and vehicle conditions, the selection is different. Do not think the best is the most suitable, but the most suitable is the best. It should be noted that too viscous oil may increase the fuel consumption.

6、 Air pedal

Hey, you don't need to explain this. You know~~~~~

7、 Insufficient tire pressure

When the tire pressure is insufficient and the tire is worn, it will increase the rolling resistance of the tire, and it can also rub well on the smooth ground, so you can imagine the fuel consumption.