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What are the effects and functions of raw garlic or cooked garlic

Whether raw or cooked garlic, it has the function of sterilization. However, the germicidal efficacy of cooked garlic is a little lower than that of raw garlic. Today, Xiaobian is going to show you the efficacy and function of cooked garlic. Let's have a look

garlic, also known as "Hu", is the root of Liliaceae plants. It has a warm and spicy nature. The allicin contained in it has a strong bactericidal effect. It has obvious therapeutic and preventive value for bacterial, fungal and protozoan infections. Li Shizhen wrote compendium of Materia Medica in the Ming Dynasty, saying that garlic has strong Qi, which can pass the five zang organs, reach all orifices, remove cold and dampness, ward off evil, relieve pain and swelling, and turn diseases into meat. Ancient Greek athletes used garlic as a health food. Ancient Romans used garlic to treat cold, asthma, anesthesia, convulsion and other diseases with excellent effect. In the 5th century AD, Indians found that eating garlic enhanced their intelligence and made their voices loud.

Allicin will lose its effect when it is hot, so it is suitable for raw food. Therefore, if you want to achieve the best health care effect, it's better to mash garlic instead of cutting it with a knife. And to put 10-15 minutes, let allicin and alliinase combine in the air to produce allicin before eating. Garlic contains more than 200 kinds of substances that are beneficial to human health, of which allicin is the most concerned one. Allicin has a strong bactericidal effect. It can react with the cystine of bacteria to form crystalline precipitate after entering the human body, destroy the SH group in the sulfur amino organism necessary for bacteria, and make the metabolism of bacteria disordered, so that it can not reproduce and grow.

In fact, many friends don't know that garlic is also very nutritious. There are sugar, fat, vitamins and minerals in garlic. Eating garlic can increase appetite, reduce blood pressure and blood fat. In the view of traditional Chinese medicine, garlic is a kind of mild food, so unlike pepper, you don't need to worry about getting angry when eating garlic.