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France VS Belgium who wins and who wins the title the 2018 World Cup is coming to an end. At 2:00 a.m. Beijing time on July 11, the first semi-final game of the world cup will be held between France and Belgium, which can be called an early final. France VS Belgium, who wins and who wins?

Before the start of the world cup, France and Belgium were the favourites to win the championship, but now the two teams are even hotter. According to Spain's national newspaper, the possibility of France entering the final is 51.8%, and the possibility of winning the championship is 29.1%; the possibility of Belgium entering the final is 48.2%, and the possibility of winning the championship is 26.1%, which can be described as a close match. In terms of the probability of winning the world cup, the team that wins from this summit will be more likely to win the world cup.

In terms of the lineup of the two teams, France is the most valuable team among the top 32 teams, reaching 1.08 billion euros, while Belgium has reached 758 million euros, with a total value of 1.838 billion euros (14.27 billion yuan). FIFA ranked Belgium third and France seventh. Both teams have hot stars. France's mbape showed a strong level in the match against Argentina. He has played six goals with glitzman, while bogba, Cantor, varane and other players ensured a solid defense. The French team has shown the championship phase, the team is getting better, the 1 / 8 final 4-3 victory over Argentina, 1 / 4 final victory over the solid defense of Uruguay, all show the strong strength of the blue shirt Corps.

It should be noted that in addition to the strong strength of the French squad, even the lucky goddess has been on their side for many times. Against Australia in the first match, France once relied on the opponent's own goal and won three points at the last minute. And they also became the first team in the history of the world cup to rely on video referees for penalties. Uruguay, the quarter finals opponent, lost the striker cavalni not long ago.

In Belgium, Lukaku, de braunet and Azar also showed a high level in this world cup. In the first five games, nine Belgian players scored 14 goals in total, and the number of goals and the number of goals were the first, which proved that the team's overall level was superb. Now Belgian football is ushering in a golden generation, most of the team's players have participated in the last World Cup, and now the players are more mature, 27.6-year-old age also makes the players in high shape.

Although Belgium went through twists and turns against Japan, the team made a big reversal, and the match also woke up Belgium, and then they eliminated the powerful Brazil team in the quarter finals. It is said that Belgium is used to fighting against each other, but in this cup match, Belgium seems to be very united. The picture of Lukaku calling on his teammates to fight together again and again before the match shows everything. Belgium used to be an overrated team, but this time, they didn't disappoint, and if they did, it wouldn't surprise.

The two sides met six times in the World Cup qualifier and the main match, and France won 4-1, drew 1 and lost. However, the historical achievements can only be used as a reference, and the two teams are quite equal. France has high center GIRU, while Belgium has' little Warcraft 'Lukaku. France's supernova mbape is a unique individual, while Belgium's Azar has become a world-class star. Gretzmann is the engine of France's front court, while debrone is also the driver of Belgium's front line. At the same time, the combination of French midfielder Cantor and borgba can attack and defend well, and the partner of Belgium's vitsell and ferrani is also the key to balance.

However, if France win the championship, Deschamps will become the third person in the history of the world cup to win trophies as both a player and a manager. The first two are Zagallo and Beckenbauer.

It's worth mentioning that with the world cup going on, Henry's role as assistant teacher in Belgium National team has been paid more and more attention. Before the match against France, this kind of attention reached its peak. After all, France is his motherland. He helped France win the world cup and he is also an idol of French fans. Belgian midfielder debrone has tried to play down the issue, saying it would be normal for Henry to sing the French national anthem before the match. 'he didn't tell me if I was singing Marseilles, but if he did, I think it would be normal. '

Vermaelen said Henry's arrival could bring a lot of 'helpful inside information' to Belgium, especially the front. When asked if the inside information included a forecast of France's squad, Vermaelen said: 'I think he's on our side, so I don't think he'll keep that information. '

This world cup, no African team can finish the group qualification, but in the World Cup semi-finals of the two teams Belgium and France, there are many players of African origin, mbape and Lukaku are their representatives. The players with African origin in the French team include umtiti, rami, Mendi, Sidibe, kimpembe, mandanda, bogba, Matuidi, Cante, mbape, denbelle and fikir. Belgium's African players include kompany, boyata, Lukaku, basuyai, tilemans, Fellini, shazli and denbelle. The world cup has become the European Cup? From this game, it's more like the African Cup.

Expected starting lineup of both sides:

France (4-3-3): 1-lori; 2-parval, 4-varane, 5-umtiti, 21-lucas & middot; Hernandez; 6-bogba, 13-cante, 14-matuidi; 10-mbape, 9-giru, 7-glitzman

Belgium: (4-3-3): 1-kurtuva; 2-aldereld, 5-wiltonghen, 4-kompani, 3-vermaelen; 6-vitsell, 7-debrunane, 11-karasco; 10-azar, 9-lukaku, 22-shazli