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What does cut double eyelid eat to restore faster? Diet precautions after double eyelid cutting

People love beauty. For many girls, they like to be more beautiful, so many people will make themselves satisfied through some external surgical adjustments. What's the faster recovery after the double eyelid is cut? Can you eat soy sauce after the double eyelid is cut?

What does female eat to restore quickly after cutting double eyelid?

Plastic experts said: generally after double eyelid surgery, the human body will appear a certain state of fatigue. At this time, we need to pay attention to the adjustment of diet, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, mainly light, such as winter melon, lettuce, crucian carp, black chicken, mushrooms, pumpkins, cauliflower, tomatoes, etc., which is easy to promote wound healing. Women should pay attention to the following points after double eyelid cutting:

1. Eat more nutritious food, all kinds of nutrition elements should be balanced, and the intake of animal liver, milk, egg yolk can be increased appropriately;

2. Eat more vegetables and fruits, such as winter melon, banana, watermelon, etc., not only fresh and delicious, but also these cool fruits and vegetables can reduce the occurrence of eye inflammation;

3. No smoking and alcohol; no spicy food and barbecue food; never eat anything with melanin (soy sauce, vinegar, etc.)

4. Pay attention not to eat spicy food, such as lamb, beef, seafood, soy sauce, ginger, pepper, tobacco and wine. Because these foods are easy to cause wound inflammation, leading to upper eyelid swelling, pus, ulceration, leaving scars on the wound.