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What are the benefits of litchi for women? What are the taboos of litchi

Sihaiwang: among the most popular fruits in summer, litchi is definitely one of them. Litchi tastes super sweet, can be eaten directly, can be used for dessert, can also be used for cooking. And the nutritional value of litchi is very high. So what's the advantage of litchi for women? Let's take a look at it with Xiaobian~

What's the advantage of litchi for women

develop immunity from disease

Women in menstrual period are relatively weak and have low resistance. Litchi contains a lot of vitamin C and protein, which can effectively improve the body's disease resistance and enhance the body's immunity.

Improve insomnia

During menstrual period, there may be such phenomena as emotional agitation, insomnia, irritability and fatigue. Eating litchi can help to improve insomnia. Litchi can provide nutrition for the brain and effectively help to improve the discomfort symptoms such as insomnia, forgetfulness and fatigue.

Enriching blood

The natural grape acid contained in litchi has the special effect of nourishing blood and lung, and can promote blood circulation. People with weak physique can eat litchi more appropriately, while the Meimei who loses a lot of blood during menstruation can eat some litchi more appropriately, which is also good for the body.

Promoting appetite

Some women have anorexia during menstruation, and litchi has a better effect of appetizing and benefiting the spleen. It can not only help the spleen and stomach, but also effectively promote appetite.

Supplementary energy

Litchi is rich in glucose and sucrose, with the total sugar content of more than 70%. It is also rich in protein, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, which can supplement energy and increase nutrition.

Freckle removing

Litchi is rich in vitamins, which can promote blood circulation of micro blood vessels, prevent freckles, and make skin more smooth.

Recommended delicious ways of litchi.

Litchi shrimp balls

Materials: shrimp, litchi, salt, chicken essence, ginger, cooking wine, starch, pepper, vegetable oil, etc


1. Prepare ingredients; peel and core litchi

2. Remove the head, skin and tail of the prawns to form shrimps; cut a knife on the back of the prawns, remove the shrimps' lines and rinse them

3. Add salt, cooking wine, pepper and starch to shrimps and marinate for 10 minutes; pour oil into the pot and saute ginger

4. Put in the marinated shrimp and stir evenly

5. Pour in lychee, stir quickly and evenly, add chicken essence to taste

Stir fried lean meat with litchi

Materials: litchi, tenderloin, peanut oil, salt, chicken essence, cooking wine, starch, white vinegar, sugar, shallot, etc


1. Clean the pork tenderloin. Remove the tendons and membranes attached to the meat first

2. Pat the meat with the back of the knife

3. Cut into 2 * 3cm thin slices

4. Put into the bowl

5. Add a little salt

6. Add chicken essence

7. Add raw meal

8. Add cooking wine

9. Mix well and marinate for 15 minutes

10. Peel litchi and soak it in light salt water for standby

11. Add peanut oil into the hot pot, stir fry the marinated fillet for several times, and then take out the color from red to white

Crispy lychee balls

Materials: litchi, pork, egg, bread sugar, starch, salt, chicken essence, onion, ginger, soy sauce, vegetable oil, etc


1. Add salt, soy sauce, chicken essence, onion and ginger into the pork stuffing and stir evenly until it is firm. Wash litchi, peel and core

2. Dry the litchi meat and put the meat stuffing into the litchi

3. Put them all into the tray for standby. Wrap the litchi stuffed with meat with dry starch

4. Wrap another layer of egg liquid and coat the surface with bread bran

5. Put it into a 50% hot oil pan, fry until it's yellowish, then fry again until it's golden, then drain the oil

Litchi, tremella and mung bean soup

Materials: tremella, mung bean, litchi, crystal sugar, etc


1. The tremella should be blistered for 2 hours in advance.

The mung beans were soaked for 6 hours in advance.

Wash the soaked tremella, tear it into small pieces and put it into a pot. Add some water and boil it for an hour.

Put in the mung beans and cook for 4 hours.

After the mung bean is cooked, add some sugar and cook for five minutes.

Wash litchi and peel off the skin and seeds. Put the peeled litchi into a bowl, scoop in the boiled green bean soup, and then serve.

Warm tips

Not suitable for eating on an empty stomach

The sugar content of fresh litchi is very high. Eating it on an empty stomach will stimulate the gastric mucosa and cause stomach pain and distention. In addition, if you eat too much on an empty stomach, you will suddenly add too much high sugar to your body, resulting in a 'hypertonic coma'.

Take care of diabetes patients

Litchi has a high sugar content, so people with diabetes should be careful. At the same time, people who have the symptoms of yin deficiency and fire are not allowed to eat, so as to avoid aggravating the symptoms of fire. Dry sore throat, gums swelling pain, epistaxis and other diseases should also be avoided.

Try not to eat water soaked lychees

At present, many litchi in the market are soaked with water, which contains a lot of water. A large amount of water will dilute the digestive fluid after entering the gastrointestinal tract, causing anorexia or dyspepsia, and also causing temporary hypoglycemia.