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What you eat for breakfast won't make you fat what you eat for nutrition and lose weight in the morn

Four seas network: a year's plan lies in spring, a day's plan lies in the morning. Morning is the beginning of the day. Be sure to have a good breakfast. But if you eat too much breakfast, it will affect your lunch. Some people are full at breakfast and don't eat at noon. When they arrive at dinner, they are very hungry, which leads to overeating. This is a relatively wrong way, and they are particularly prone to obesity. So even if you don't get fat for breakfast, you can't overeat.

First, form a good habit of getting up early in the morning. After brushing your teeth, first drink a large glass (about 500ml) of warm boiled water, and then eat breakfast in 20 minutes. Because a lot of obese people have a big stomach and stool, which is heart-toward obesity. Most of them are related to eating more and fullness, while pulling less. This part of people usually eat high protein diet, such as chicken, fish, meat and eggs. The fiber in the food is especially small. The food residue after digestion is not conducive to fecal discharge due to the lack of fiber, which is easy to cause constipation. A long time will cause the second suction of the gastrointestinal tract It leads to obesity. After a night, the digestive system has digested the food eaten last night. There are a lot of digested residues in the gut. Drinking a large cup of warm boiled water after getting up early can clean the esophagus (it has a certain effect on reducing esophagitis caused by acid reflux), and it can also promote peristalsis of the gastrointestinal tract. The digested residues and feces in the gut can be discharged out of the body through defecation as soon as possible to prevent gastrointestinal Secondary absorption leads to obesity.

Second, breakfast should be as light as possible (such as bread, milk, soymilk, steamed bun, egg, etc.), eat less raw, cold and greasy things (such as fried chicken legs, fat meat, ribs, fried sticks, etc.), and eat more vegetables and fruits (vegetables, celery, lotus, cabbage, carrot, apple, peach, pear, pineapple, etc.) with more plant fiber! Due to the strong absorption ability of the digestive system in the morning, it is easy to convert the greasy food into fat after being absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract in the morning, resulting in obesity!

Third, develop the habit of eating an egg for breakfast, because eggs are easy to make people feel full, which can reduce the amount of food for breakfast and help people lose weight. At the same time, eggs contain rich protein needed by the human body, which is of great benefit to human health!

Fourth, develop the habit of drinking a cup of oatmeal porridge for breakfast. Because oatmeal not only contains a lot of dietary fiber, can promote people's defecation, is conducive to people's weight loss, but also contains rich trace elements needed by the human body, so drinking a cup of oatmeal porridge in the morning is of great benefit to the human body!