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What's the matter with the dismissal of assistant in Croatia according to the latest news in the early morning of July 10, the Croatian Football Association decided to dismiss assistant coach of the national team vukjevich because of his improper remarks after the victory over Russia. He will no longer be in charge of the Croatian national team. This is also the second member of Croatia's squad to be fired after striker karinic.

Two days ago, Croatia knocked out Russia through penalty shootout in the quarter finals of the world cup. After 20 years, Croatia reached the semi-finals of the world cup again. After the game, the team's excited assistant coach takeyevich and the team's main central defender Vida published a video together. In the video, Vida shouts' glory to Ukraine 'to the camera, while assistant coach takeyevich agrees:' this victory is for Dinamo, Ukraine and Croatia. '

After the video was sent out, there was a huge uproar in the outside world, especially the strong dissatisfaction of Russian fans. As we all know, because the current relationship between Russia and Ukraine is in a sensitive period, Vida and vukojevich are seen as naked provocations in the eyes of Russian fans.

Croatia is suspected to have abandoned their car to protect their coach. In order to avoid Vida being banned by FIFA, they finally dismissed assistant coach Vukojevic two days later. It is reported that vukoyevich will be dismissed immediately and asked to return home immediately. As for Vida, another protagonist of the video, although avoiding being fired, he will not be able to make any comments to the outside world or upload any content on social network in the next World Cup match. Obviously, Croatian men's football team also realizes the seriousness of the problem of 'offending' Russian fans.

Russia's vice president of Duma Lebedev welcomed and supported Croatia's decision. He said: 'this decision is a lesson for all players. They should learn to distinguish political topics from sports and make the slogan of "sports refuse politics" into reality.