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What is the nutritional value of baby dishes? What are the advantages of eating baby dishes

Baby cabbage, commonly known as cabbages, was first introduced from Japan, but in recent years, it has become more and more popular with the Chinese people. So, what are the advantages of eating baby dishes? Xiaobian will introduce them to you today

1. Nourishing stomach

Eating baby dishes can warm the stomach, and it can be used to treat friends with stomach cold. Once many people eat cold food or catch cold in the autumn and winter in the middle of the night, it is easy to have stomach pain. This is stomach cold. If you eat more baby dishes at ordinary times, it can relieve stomach cold.

2. Promoting body fluid to quench thirst

Baby dishes are very rich in water, so baby dishes can moisten the throat to dry and make people fresh and comfortable, especially when eaten raw in cold sauce, it feels better.

3. Diuresis

Baby cabbage is also a kind of cabbage, so it also has diuretic effect. Baby cabbage can remove toxins and excess water in the body, promote blood and water metabolism, and have diuretic and anti edematous effects.

4. Catharsis.

Baby cabbage is rich in cellulose, which can promote the peristalsis of intestinal wall, help digestion, relieve constipation and prevent dry stool.

5, detoxification

Like Chinese cabbage, baby cabbage is also rich in vitamin C, which helps to detoxify the liver.

6, clearing away heat

Baby cabbage can clear the heart and drain the fire, clear the heat and remove the annoyance, and eliminate the heat poison in the blood.

7. Nourishing lung in autumn

Baby dishes are also white, so eating baby dishes in autumn and winter can nourish yin and lungs. Lungs are white. Eating white food is helpful for lungs, and baby dishes are a good choice.

Since baby dishes have so many effects, you can eat more at ordinary times. How to choose baby dishes. It also requires some common sense.

If you want to choose authentic baby dishes, you should choose small ones with strong hand feeling. If it is pinched loose, it may be pretended to be cabbage core. Because baby dishes are more popular with people, therefore, businesses will also pass the inferior as the best and pretend to be Chinese cabbage heart, because the price of baby dishes is far higher than Chinese cabbage heart.

In fact, there is a big difference between cabbage heart and baby dishes. From the taste, Chinese cabbage has more water, not delicate and smooth; from the color, the leaves of Chinese cabbage are yellow, while the cabbage heart is white due to less sunlight; from the shape, the leaf base of Chinese cabbage is narrow, the vein is thin, and the leaf base and vein of Chinese cabbage are wide; From the perspective of Baoxin, the growth of Chinese cabbage Baoxin is relatively close, the degree of leaf shrinkage is serious, it is distorted, and the leaf surface of baby cabbage is relatively flat. Therefore, we must be careful and careful in the selection.