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Ten reasons for breaking up a boyfriend and girlfriend?

I have summarized the reasons why most of my boyfriend and girlfriend break up are very similar to the following ten.

1、 Boyfriend doesn't know romance

I often complain that my boyfriend doesn't know how to be romantic, doesn't receive gifts on holidays, and doesn't speak sweet words. I haven't received a rose for such a long time. I think my boyfriend is like a big sweet potato. If I don't kick it, I won't roll.

2、 Boyfriend has no financial ability

We don't say money worship, but at least life needs quality and quantity. Boyfriend has no money and no sense of security.

Want to eat some good, wear some good, use some good, that has become a luxury, has become a fantasy.

There are some more exaggerated, boyfriend does not work, all day long bubble Internet bar, play games, but also a girlfriend to keep, this kind of boyfriend does not break up to do what? Do you serve like a God?

3、 Boyfriend has too many shortcomings

Some boys, when they first fall in love with girls, hide all their shortcomings seamlessly, making girls imperceptible. When we are officially together, we find that there are too many shortcomings of our boyfriend, such as smoking, drinking, laziness, gambling, slovenness, etc. all over the body, except for the shortcomings or shortcomings, it seems that we are all in one piece, and it is good not to find one piece. If the mud can't hold the wall, it's a Dou that can't.

4、 Parental disapproval

There is only one thousand gold in the family. The daughter's love object is cautious and prudent. So basically, there are nine out of ten love objects that the parents don't agree with. Love without family blessing is not happy. How many mandarin ducks were beaten by their parents.

5、 I don't think my boyfriend is handsome enough

In the 18th female university, some girls are really bigger and more beautiful. Suddenly one day, they found that they are so beautiful and moving. When they go out, they always feel that their return rate is 1000%. At this moment, I know how ugly my boyfriend is, and I can't take it. There is no harm without comparison. With the group photo of the two, how can I feel unhappy? Break up and find a handsome boy friend.

Boys' articles

1、 I don't think I have the same personality and interest as my girlfriend

I think two people are not the same world at all. I like watching sports channel, but my girlfriend likes watching entertainment gossip channel. I like to eat something that is not spicy. My girlfriend does not eat anything that is spicy. I have to cook two meals each time. It's spicy or not. It's very difficult to serve. Often disagreements, you to the East, she slants to the west, always makes you crazy.

2、 Girlfriend has a bad temper

I lose my temper when I can't move all day. I either drop my cup or my cell phone. I almost drop everything that can move at home except that bed. Make trouble out of nothing, don't save face for yourself, at home, outside, can such a girlfriend not break up?

3、 Another new girl

It's said that men love each other. (boys don't throw bricks at me) it's really a good sentence. If you meet a heterosexual outside, you'll be better than your current girlfriend in all aspects. It's a bit late for each other. At this time, you don't break up and when to stay.

4、 Too many shortcomings of girlfriend

At the beginning of chasing her girlfriend, all her shortcomings can be tolerated, and she also regards her shortcomings as advantages and loveliness. But after a long time, I found that there are too many shortcomings of my girlfriend. I can't count ten fingers plus ten toes. I'm stingy, grumpy, unreasonable, lazy, vain, jealous, ruthless, cold-blooded and merciless. (girls don't throw bricks at me). This kind of girlfriend is just a nightmare.

5、 Different family background

Parents want their son to talk to the right girl. It's very difficult if the family background of the two people is too wide. If the family background of the boy is very good, the parents basically choose the right person. We've watched a lot of TV dramas. TV can't deceive people.

Matters needing attention

There are tens of millions of reasons for Kishi breaking up, but most of them are similar.