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How to clear intestines and expel toxin effectively? What are the advantages of clearing intestines

A lot of people can do it. However, why do we need to do it regularly? What's the good for our health? Many people are still confused about it. Let's analyze and introduce the effect of it on our health. Let's have a look at it

asparagus for diuresis and kidney strengthening

Asparagus is a kind of alkaline food, which can neutralize the acid substance of human body, so as to reduce its harm to human body. In addition, asparagus contained in asparagus is also an effective detoxification detergent for kidney, which helps to remove kidney stones and has diuretic effect. After binge eating, may as well eat a bowl of asparagus and red dates porridge, spleen and stomach. However, remember that asparagus should not be eaten raw or stored for too long.

Pepper fights with poison

No mistake! Pepper can detoxify? A few years ago, the "Pepper lemon detoxification method" was popular in the United States, claiming that drinking lemon juice and pepper powder every day can clean up gastrointestinal toxins. In fact, capsicum is rich in vitamin C, which has the functions of sterilization, antisepsis and cold dispelling. Although it is easy to get angry when eating too much, it will make people sweat at the same time, and the toxins in the body will be discharged with sweat. Of course, people who eat less peppers suddenly go crazy, which will damage their intestines and stomach at any time. But for people who eat peppers and grow up, it's really a good cold dispelling and detoxification food. Add a little pepper to the daily dishes, the detoxification effect is very good.

Ginger expels cold and perspiration

Ginger has many advantages, such as strengthening the spleen and stomach, dispersing cold and expelling toxin. Whether it's cold, menstrual pain or nausea, a cup of ginger tea can relieve your symptoms. Ginger contains a variety of volatile oil, can promote blood circulation, make the skin open, toxins with sweat and out of the body. However, although ginger has good edible and medicinal effects, it is not acceptable for everyone. Take ginger tea as an example. It's OK for people with deficiency cold to drink more, but it's better for those who are hot and dry to drink less. Can be in the morning, drink a cup of honey ginger tea, moisturizing effect is better. When you find that your body is a little hot, you should reduce the amount of drink.

Clearing intestines and expelling toxins is certainly beneficial to your health. In fact, the above-mentioned methods of clearing intestines and expelling toxins are also daily food problems, which everyone can do, so I hope everyone can understand these common sense scientifically to help themselves, avoid more disease hazards, and help themselves to correct and healthy detoxification.