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Box office statistics of wolf 2 box office: 3.4 billion yuan, surpassing the box office forecast of

Has "wolf 2" won the box office this summer? At present, the box office has reached more than 3.4 billion, becoming the box office champion of current Chinese films! As of 21:48 on August 7, the total box office of "wolf 2" directed by Wu Jing has exceeded 3.392 billion, surpassing "Mermaid" to become the new box office champion.

"Mermaid" sent a congratulatory message to celebrate the new box office record of Chinese films. The micro blog account 'Zhou Xingchi movie Mermaid' wrote:

China's new box office record! The country is rich and the people are strong, and the fish are proud! Congratulations on "war wolf 2" and best wishes for Chinese films!

The biggest black horse in this year's domestic film is wolf 2. In the first half of this year, domestic films continued to be depressed. Since the release of "wolf 2", more than half of the films have been arranged in summer, and over 200 million yuan has been paid in every day for 10 consecutive days. In the second week of release, Koubei continued to ferment, surpassing "speed and passion 7", "speed and passion 8", "catch the demon" and other "2 billion +" blockbusters, ranking the second in the total box office. In the third week of release, "wolf 2" has a strong box office momentum, with 60% of the films arranged. It is still the promoter of the overall market.