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How much is the price of 2018 Lenin? The latest price of 2018 Lenin

How much is the price of 2018 Lenin? The latest price of 2018 Lenin "I'm not the God of medicine" has attracted widespread public attention. It will guide everyone's attention to the high-priced medicine Lenin. At the end of the film, Lenin is included in the medical insurance. How much will it cost after it was included in the medical insurance in 20018? Let's take a look at the latest price of 2018 Lenin.

How much is a bottle for domestic Lenin

The name of Lenin is Gleevec, and the medical name is imatinib mesylate. It is a real and effective anti-cancer drug, which can effectively prolong the life of leukemia patients. The story prototype in the movie happened, and the price of domestic Lenin was indeed reduced.

According to a 2018 media data collected by Xiaobian, the price of a single bottle made by Novartis Ag in China is between 23000 yuan and 25800 yuan. And the unit price of Lenin, converted into RMB, is 13600 yuan a bottle in the United States; 10000 yuan a bottle in Australia; 16000 yuan a bottle in Japan; 9720 yuan in South Korea.

However, it is gratifying to note that although the price of Lenin is very high at home and abroad, many countries, including China, have included Lenin in the medical insurance list. In fact, patients bear less price. China's medical insurance can reimburse 70% - 80%, so now the price of each bottle of Lenin is about 5000 yuan. On the market, in addition to the genuine Lenin, there are also some domestic imitations. The price of these domestic imitations of Lenin is cheaper than that of the original. After the reimbursement of medical insurance, the price of each bottle of medicine is lower.

Why is it so expensive

The genuine Lenin was produced by Novartis, Switzerland. The company invested a lot of money in drug research and applied for a patent. There was only one company with no semicolon. Lenin's export from the place of production to other countries, coupled with the cost of transport and other components of the price of course not cheap.

Although China's Lenin has medical insurance reimbursement as an effective way to reduce leukemia patients, for many ordinary families, the cost of drug treatment of 5000 yuan per month is still a considerable expense. Zhang Changlin in the movie said that the word "poor disease" is very real and heartfelt. It is also a disease that most people in China suffer from, and there is no good medicine for it.

Xiaobian once again hopes that there will be fewer leukemia patients in the world, and that everyone will have a happy and healthy life.