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Tips for sunscreen in summer

Four seas network: speaking of the hot summer, I believe that going out has become the most headache for people. When you go out in the hot sun, you will feel tanned. So how to protect yourself from sun in summer? Summer sunscreen tips, you have to know these four points, sunscreen umbrella, sunscreen and so on are quickly integrated, or the sun will not be too late.

Tips for sunscreen in summer

About sunscreen umbrella

Sunscreen umbrella, which must be equipped in the hot sun. Sunscreen umbrella is not a general umbrella. Its selection mainly depends on its anti UV index, that is, UPF index. The larger the index, the stronger the anti UV function. Generally, regular manufacturers will mark this index on their products. Secondly, the appearance, style and so on. Those beautiful umbrellas have no sun protection effect. Be sure to pay attention when shopping!

About sunscreen

According to the principle, sunscreen can be divided into two categories: physical sunscreen and chemical sunscreen. The former is to achieve sunscreen effect by reflecting ultraviolet sunlight, or to achieve sunscreen effect by chemical reaction absorption and conversion of ultraviolet rays. Physical sunscreen is better than chemical sunscreen, but most of them are chemical sunscreen products on the market. When you apply sunscreen, you need to apply it evenly. Only when you reach 2 mg / cm2 can you have sunscreen effect. After 15 minutes of application, the sunscreen will have an effect only after it fits the skin.

About food

Vitamin C can interfere with the synthesis of human melanin. Eat more foods rich in vitamin C, such as hawthorn, tomato, orange and other foods can reduce skin melanin, effectively remove skin black spots, and have whitening effect. In particular, watermelon, in addition to its rich water content, there are a variety of healthy and beauty ingredients in its juice, such as amino acids. It can nourish and whiten the skin.

About the body

Due to the difference of sebum secretion and system between men and women, the ingredients of special sunscreen products are also different, so it is better not to mix sunscreen products of men and women. If the skin appears scalding, redness, fleck and other symptoms, it is the sign of sunburn. At this time, remember not to use any ring-shaped products to stimulate the skin, and should take cold compress, wet compress and other ways to deal with, soothe and moisturize the skin.