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How does dot pregnant woman sit airsickness to do? How to prevent airsickness?

For some people with poor physique, carsickness, aeroplane or even aeroplane may occur. For business people, they often need to travel around the country by aeroplane. What about airsickness? How to prevent it?

1. No boarding on an empty stomach. Due to the change of air height, air temperature, air pressure and other factors, the human body needs to consume more calories when flying. Therefore, we should pay attention to eating foods with higher calories. Generally, before boarding, passengers can choose bread, snacks, noodles, yoghurt, green leafy vegetables, lean meat, fruits, etc. according to the situation.

2. Limit drinking. Excessive alcohol can interfere with the brain's processing of information from the surrounding environment, and may cause airsickness. In addition, alcohol can be dissolved in the body fluids of the inner ear, making people feel dizzy.

Third, avoid overeating. High altitude conditions can make food produce a lot of gas in the body. Overeating, on the one hand, increases the burden of heart and blood circulation, on the other hand, can cause nausea, vomiting, airsickness and other 'flight diseases'. Eating too greasy and fibrous food is also easy to cause discomfort.

with three rules, you don't have to worry about getting airsick. In addition:

1. In the night before the flight, you should have enough sleep and rest, and the next day you should have enough energy to take the flight.

2. Take airsickness medicine half an hour before the plane takes off, so that the patient does not vomit within 5.6 hours.

3. Try to select the seat which is far away from the engine and close to the window, so as to reduce the vibration and expand the field of vision. Pay attention to space orientation, and try to look far away from the clouds, mountains and rivers in the distance, not the clouds near. Don't look down on these details. It's very effective to deal with airsickness.

4. When the aircraft takes off, goes through the clouds, turns, descends and lands, as well as big shocks and bumps, the patient should be less active. In particular, the head should be fixed and not rotated.

5. Pay attention to prevent conditioned reflex. If the passengers in the neighborhood have any signs of vomiting, leave the scene immediately to avoid sight.

6. In case of airsickness, in the lighter case, pay attention not to interrupt the focus and keep the directional view. If it is heavier, it is better to keep quiet and sit steadily, lie on the back and fix the head; if it is more serious, the body loses water due to vomiting, it is necessary to supplement normal saline in time.

7. Prevent conditioned reflex. In case of any sign of vomiting, the passengers in the neighborhood shall leave the scene immediately to avoid the sight. On the plane, many passengers will have airsickness, vomiting, stomach pain, panic and other situations, some of which are due to their own physical fitness, some of which are caused by improper diet. Here, we should pay attention to the above items to solve the problem of airsickness.

At ordinary times, we should also strengthen physical exercise, especially when spring comes. The air outside is very fresh, and we should go for a lot of outings. We should get up early in the morning, go to the park for exercise, and go to the gym on the rest day, or run in the community. Our physical fitness is strong, which can also be effectively avoided.