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What should be paid attention to in Bali Tourism Indonesia's Tourist Resort Bali has erupted in a series of volcanoes, but it can't stop tourists' enthusiasm for Bali. Today, I'd like to introduce the tourist attractions and precautions of Bali. Let's have a look.

Bali attractions

Top 1: Mount Kintamani is an active volcano still smoking today. On the way to the volcano, the scenery is very beautiful. As the car went all the way to the top of the mountain, the fog became more and more heavy. When Daxin saw badur volcano and the best place of badur lake to view the Lake restaurant, he could not see the real face of the mountain and lake. Surrounded by the clouds, the mountain was not so strong and the lake was not so charming. But sitting in the clouds on the hillside and tasting the traditional Indonesian food, it really has a sense of heaven and earth. Mount badur in jintamani is the second largest volcano in Bali, which has experienced three violent eruptions. Due to the accumulation of water in the crater, badur lake, the largest lake in Bali, is said to be the habitat of the goddess Danu.

Top 2: Golden Balaam beach, green sea and tropical sunshine are three things Bali does not grudge.

At sunset, you can turn to jinbalan beach to look at the most famous sunset in Bali, and watch the dazzling sunshine fade away, just like the egg yellow sunset accompanied by fishing boats, gradually disappearing, giving people a very comfortable peace. Many backpackers like to live in jinbalan beach for two reasons. One is to see the sunset, the other is to eat seafood. BBQ and seafood at jinbalan beach are very famous. In my memory, there is a huge crab with black pepper, a barbecue fish, several baked shrimps and oysters, and a big coconut.

Top 3: there are many temples in Bali, most of them are stone gates, stone towers and stone statues. No matter how long they are, they are all covered with moss and a sense of history.

The most famous one is the sea temple. Although it doesn't look tall, the sea temple has a magnificent shock because it goes deep into the sea and the background is the vast sea.

TOP4: a full day cruise on a cruise ship called love is actually a self funded project, 85 USD / person. Listening to the guide's introduction, you can go diving in the central sea, watch the cockfight & hellip; & hellip; and give away a buffet lunch that was not included in the group fee, so I chose it. It turns out that my choice is right. The ship of love has three floors in total. The first and second floors are equipped with closed air-conditioning rooms, where you can enjoy free food and drink. Along the way, in addition to a few small islands looming in the distance, it is the vast sea. The water here is much clearer than that of jinbalan. The water in the stern is white and blue, while the water lapping the rocks of the island is as refreshing as mint.

Top 5: wuluwatu cliff wuluwatu cliff is located in the southernmost tip of Bali, where there is a famous lover cliff. The sea waves beat the cliff, and seabirds fly in the sunset. The scenery is very charming. Although it's windy, I think it's worth visiting when I see such a shocking scenery. In addition to the natural landscape, the cliff also has a landscape, which is the ubiquitous monkey. Mobile phones, cameras, hats, sunglasses and so on should be careful, because there will be a monkey who does not know where to run out and rob things silently. In the group, a girl's hat was robbed by a monkey, which scared the girl to scream, and some monkeys grabbed the trouser legs of tourists to play coquettish.

Matters needing attention

1. Catering South Asia style travel agency arranged most of the breakfast for Chinese and western buffet breakfast, when using buffet, please select appropriate amount, do not leave too much food in the plate or pack away. Please inform the travel agency before you go because of the taboo of religious belief to some kind of food, so as to make proper arrangement.

2. Accommodation ① the drinks and drinks in the refrigerator in the hotel room are expensive. If you need to drink, please check the price first (some hotel rooms are equipped with pay TV, but also need to pay extra fees), so as to avoid embarrassing situation when you check out. Warm water bottles and boiled water are not available in the room. Tap water is not drinkable. Some hotels provide automatic hot water cup for the use of guests, please pay attention to the safety of electricity. ② When leaving the hotel at night, it's best to go together to ensure safety. Avoid solitude. Please bring your hotel card in case you get lost. ③ Balinese voltage: 220V, the socket is usually two round holes or three flat holes, please provide your own multi-purpose plug converter.

3. Safety ① take as few valuables as possible when traveling in Bali. Passports and money should be sent to the safe of the hotel or carried with you. Please do not put them in the room or on the bus. ② It is a collective activity to participate in a tour group. You should observe the assembly time and cooperate with the work of the leader and guide. You are not allowed to leave the group without permission. If you leave the group without permission, you are responsible for it. ③ Don't rush to the road, don't cross the road at will. Bali is used to driving on the left. Please pay attention. ④ The door should be locked at any time when entering or leaving the room, and the key of the room should be kept. Correctly use the electrical appliances and other facilities in the room, do not smoke in the bed, and be sure to put out the cigarette end after smoking. Pay attention to self-protection when exercising in the gym and swimming pool of the hotel. Please check your luggage before checking out. ⑤ Do not stay in places with hazard warning signs. If there are stimulating activities during the trip or free activities, do as you can. ⑥ If you are going to sea by boat after breakfast, please don't eat too full for breakfast. There are too many foods in your stomach, which is easy to cause vomiting. After eating seafood, please don't drink a lot of ice water, seafood with ice water, your stomach can't stand it. ⑦ Bali has very little pollution and strong light. Please take sun protection measures to avoid burning in the hot sun. ⑧ In water activities, you must wear a life jacket and walk together, focusing on safety. Pay attention not to swim to the deep sea. Do not swim in the water after drinking or when your body is not in good time. The hotel is close to the seaside. Guests are absolutely forbidden to go swimming in the sea when the tide is high and after dark. ⑨ For your own benefit, it is recommended that you buy personal travel accident insurance before departure. In case of personal accident outside Bali tourism, please treat it immediately, and keep the hospital's diagnosis certificate, various medical invoices, my situation report, etc. after returning home, the insurance company will determine the loss and claim. ⑩ All kinds of water facilities in Bali are operated by professional companies. You can register with the tour guide.