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What is heatstroke? What are the symptoms of heatstroke in the hot summer, we will find that not only the body is suffering from the heat, but also the mood is affected. We often get angry for little things. In fact, it's your psychology and heatstroke. So, what's the psychological heatstroke? How to still have 'psychological heatstroke'?

What's heat stroke

When summer is hot, the mood is indescribable and fidgety, will be angry for a little thing, this is your psychology also 'heatstroke'. Heatstroke is a psychological disease that can not be ignored. It is called "summer emotional disorder" in medicine.

When the temperature is more than 35 ℃, sunshine is more than 12 hours, and humidity is more than 80%, the influence of meteorological conditions on the emotion regulation center of the human hypothalamus will increase significantly, leading to the disorder of emotion and cognitive behavior. At this time, the proportion of mental heatstroke and physical heatstroke will rise sharply.

Of course, 'psychological heatstroke' is also related to people's sleep time and inadequate diet. In summer, because of the influence of climate, it leads to bad sleep, bad food and even more severe psychological heatstroke. On a hot summer day, about 10% of people have abnormal mood, mood and behavior.

In the final analysis, it is the human body's poor adaptability to the environment that causes' emotional heatstroke '. In the hot and hot environment, we should try our best to increase the rest time, pay attention to diet adjustment, increase nutrition, and pay attention to the way of life in summer.

What are the symptoms of heatstroke

1. The mood is inexplicably fidgety, often quarrels with others because of trifles.

2. Hot in the heart, confused in the mind, easy to forget things, often leaving things behind.

3. Low spirits, lack of interest in anything, lack of enthusiasm for others, slightly better mood in the morning, worse in the afternoon and worse in the evening.

4. Eccentric behavior, often stubborn to repeat some of the actions of life.

5. There are also some human tendency to seek perfection, which leads to mistakes in their work and blind self accusation. This kind of mood lasts for a long time and is prone to cardiovascular diseases.

6. There are also some symptoms of heatstroke in the body, such as headache, head swelling, chest tightness, rapid heartbeat and poor sleep.

People prone to heatstroke

Generally, people who are not good at communicating with others, are under stress for a long time, have weak psychological endurance, strive for a better winner, are in menopause and suffer from hypertension, diabetes, asthma and other diseases are prone to suffer from 'psychological heatstroke'.

For example, the office workers and students who often work overtime and stay indoors all day must pay more attention. White collar workers in special offices often work overtime and eat irregularly. They are under pressure to repay loans and compete in the workplace every day.