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What if the car doesn't start when it stalls?

yesterday, I went out with my family, stopped my car for work, and the car just couldn't catch fire when I came back. My husband tried many times, but he couldn't start it. His experience is that the battery is dead, and there is something wrong with it. He can't charge it. However, far away from the car repair shop, it's too late. I can imagine his anxiety. In a hurry, an acquaintance was contacted by phone. He guided us to start the car at last. Let's share today. Maybe you can use it when it's critical.

First, don't panic. Try to be calm.

Because worry can't solve any problems. Driving will encounter emergencies, learn to be safe.

Second, find two people to help, and be sincere.

I believe that there are many good people and warm-hearted people in our society. We temporarily stopped two people on the road and asked them for help. They were very happy. Tell them to help push the car out.

Third, the driver sits in the cab and gets ready.

Turn the key according to the gearshift, engage the gear and fire.

Fourth, push the cart hard first.

Push the cart forward as fast as possible.

Fifth, the driver in the car starts the car in time.

The driver found that the car started to move, first put it into gear, and pay attention not to put it into gear 1, but directly put it into gear 2, so that it is convenient to start the car. Step on the gas pedal and refuel.

Sixth, the pusher continues to push forward.

Try your best to push the cart forward. With the cooperation of the driver, the car will start up. My car started. Of course, send your family home, and then smoothly arrive at the repair shop to replace the battery.

Matters needing attention

When you are in a hurry, you should also pay attention to the road. Safety is still the first priority.