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How long can I blow the air conditioner after cupping? Disadvantages of blowing the air conditioner cupping therapy is a traditional Chinese medical skill with a long history. It is widely spread. In summer, there is heavy moisture in the human body. Many people will choose cupping to treat moisture. How long will you blow the air conditioner after cupping? What are the disadvantages of blowing the air conditioner often?

How long can I blow the air conditioner after cupping

Traditional Chinese medicine suggests that you should not blow the air conditioner immediately after cupping, because after cupping, the sweat hole of the skin will relax and expel toxin, and the evil of wind and cold will easily enter with the loose muscle surface. At this time, blowing the air conditioner is very easy to cause disease, so you can blow the air conditioner at least 3 hours later to prevent the moisture from entering the body and causing rheumatic diseases.

In addition, after cupping, in addition to not blowing the air conditioner immediately, we should also try to avoid the windy place and water, pay attention to the body's warmth, especially the cupping part.

How about blowing air conditioner after cupping

Do not blow the air conditioner or blow the air after cupping, because the pores of the skin are open after cupping, so it is easy to catch cold.

Pay attention to cleaning after the air conditioner has been opened for a long time. The air conditioner room should be ventilated occasionally (the temperature is constant about 24 ℃), the body should not aim at the air outlet, drink more water, and the humidifier can be placed indoors, so as to avoid frequent switching and walking between indoor and outdoor environment.

Disadvantages of blowing air conditioner all year round

1. Disorder of homeostasis regulation system

When the air conditioner is turned on, the indoor and outdoor environment are quite different. If we go in and out frequently, the internal balance regulation system is likely to be disordered due to the temperature and humidity. After entering the air conditioning room, the waste in the human body is difficult to be discharged, the sweating is reduced, and the pores of the sweat are suddenly opened and closed. In summer, sweating is a good thing for human body, which can keep us healthy.

2. Dry sore throat

If you stay in the air-conditioned room for a long time, there is no humidifier in the room, and the air is not circulating, it may cause the symptoms of sore throat and dry throat. In particular, patients with a history of chronic pharyngitis are more affected by the air-conditioning environment, which should be paid attention to. We can drink more water in the air-conditioning room, including throat moistening tablets. We can buy humidifiers if conditions permit.

3. Arthralgia

Sometimes the weather changes and the temperature drops rapidly. If there are rheumatic patients at home, they can often be heard to say that they have joint pain, which is similar to the air conditioning environment. Similarly, when the air conditioner is turned on, when the cold air blows directly or the temperature drops to 20-22 ℃, the muscle parts will spasm, and the blood vessels of the skin and muscles will contract, and severe people may have the symptoms of muscle joint pain.

4. Poor air quality

Because the air conditioner needs a relatively sealed environment, at this time the air is not circulated, and the filter screen of the air conditioner is not cleaned for a long time, which is easy to breed bacteria and viruses, resulting in poor air quality. In the long run, people's immunity will be reduced and they will be easily infected by bacteria.

5. Headache symptoms

In order to have a cool effect, many people like to blow the air conditioner at the tuyere. The cold air makes the pores shrink suddenly, causing headache. Some data show that the temperature of the air conditioner should be kept constant at about 24 ℃, and the temperature difference between the air conditioner and the outdoor should not exceed 7 ℃, so as to ensure health.