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What do men do to show their high IQ in marriage?

it's said that love needs learning and marriage needs growth. Marriage is not just a woman's business. I think men also need to manage their own marriage well. So how do men do that is a high-quality performance in marriage?

1. Wife and mom.

Once upon a time, there was a very classic case that the wife and mother fell into the water at the same time, saving the wife first or the mother first. This problem has baffled countless men who are dominating the market. Many people think that no matter how you choose, it's a pit. In fact, it's not so. There's a clear answer to this question. That's to be a wife first. After all, the wife and you are the same family. Only in this way can they accompany you all your life until you get old. And your mother will be taken care of by your father.

2. Company is the longest confession.

We often say that company is the longest love confession, but there are several men who really keep company in their hearts and put the other half in the scope of company. It's said that women's mind is hard to guess. In fact, women are very simple. No matter married women or unmarried women, they need men's care and company, which is far better than any material and romantic.

3. Sharing is the deepest love.

The family is created by two people. Therefore, the sharing of housework is also a very important responsibility. But now many men in the society take it for granted that these are the things women should undertake. Especially when a woman has children, the housework is more onerous. Men often turn a blind eye to it and turn a deaf ear to it. There is no sharing. In the long run, only the relationship between the two people becomes colder and colder, even close to strangers.

4. Learn to share power. A man with high EQ will definitely discuss with his wife before doing things. He will respect his wife's choices and opinions. He will know how to share power. In this way, his wife will feel respected. Your relationship will get better and better in this kind of daily affairs, and your life will get more and more harmonious.

5. Understanding and tolerance.

Men should understand and learn to be tolerant. Only in this way can they open up a clear sky in a life of mediocrity and chaos. Only in this way can you make your relationship more and more sweet. Then your life will be more and more beautiful, creating a happy family atmosphere and giving your children a good growth key.

6. Men with high intelligence know how to live, how to love and manage their marriage seriously. They understand what kind of life they want. As long as the family and marriage are happy, the ideal of life will gradually come true.