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How can I order takeout on the high-speed rail? Is it expensive to take out by high-speed rail? How

take out can also be ordered by high-speed rail. For some people who are fastidious about eating, take high-speed rail to eat different cuisines all over the country. From Monday, the railway department launched Internet ordering service for EMU trains at 27 major high-speed railway passenger stations across the country. Do you know how to order takeout with your mobile phone? It's just that sometimes it's sad if the train is late!

Passengers can book not only high-speed rail self-service 'boxed meals', but also social brand meals. Reporter experience found that Shanghai Hongqiao Station, Wuhan station, etc. have opened KFC, Dexter, real Kung Fu and other social brand catering reservations, passengers at least two hours before departure to place an order; if the journey changes can be easily refunded, refund 'seconds to the account'.

What can I eat?

Fast food is the most popular specialty restaurants are on sale

Taking the high-speed rail to order brand takeout, in the eyes of the outside world, this marks the first time that the door of China's railway catering service has been opened to the society.

'in the past, China's high-speed railway used to close its meals and its business performance was not good. According to statistics, only 5% of passengers ordered meals on the high-speed railway. "Jing LiNbO, director of the evaluation center of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said in an interview with China news. Com that high-speed rail does not necessarily require catering services, and the cost-effectiveness is not high.

According to the information released by China Railway Corporation, passengers travelling on the g-train and D-train can book meals through 12306 website, mobile app and other ways.

It can be seen that not all railway passengers can order takeout, why other train groups are not listed? Jinglinbo explained that among railway passengers, the purchasing power of high-speed rail and bullet train passengers is relatively strong, and other train group passengers may be more sensitive to the price of meals, not necessarily willing to pay for differentiated meals.


2 hours before departure of brand meal

It is understood that there are 27 catering stations in the pilot project, including Changchun station, Changchun west station, Shenyang north station, Shijiazhuang station, Tianjin west station, Taiyuan South Station, Zhengzhou east station, Wuhan station, Hankou station, Xi'an north station, Jinan west station, Hefei south station, Nanjing South Station, Shanghai Hongqiao Station, Hangzhou east station, Nanchang west station, Fuzhou South Station, Xiamen north station and Changsha south station Guangzhou south railway station, Nanning east railway station, Chengdu east railway station, Chongqing north railway station, Guiyang North railway station, Lanzhou West Railway Station and Xining high speed railway passenger station.

When the reporter tries to order food from the above-mentioned sites, he finds that the deadline for self-service food reservation is the departure time, and it needs at least 2 hours in advance to book social brand food.

Take the g8509 high-speed railway from Chengdu east railway station to Chongqing north railway station as an example. The departure time of the departure station is 11:30, and the self-service meals can be booked and refunded before 11:30 of the day. The cut-off and refunding time of social brand catering is advanced to 9:30 of the day.

How to pay?

Support WeChat, Alipay payment refund to the account.

The reporter noted that 12306 website and mobile app were updated on the 17th, and the two channels can smoothly complete the reservation, payment and chargeback operations of high-speed rail takeout.

First, passengers need to input information such as date of carriage, train number, departure station, etc. to search for meals on the way through the catering station. After selecting the meal, you need to fill in detailed personal information, including passenger name, car number, seat number, mobile phone number and invoice information, etc. then submit the order into the payment link, and the reporter experience has found that the use of Alipay and WeChat can quickly complete the payment. The order of can be inquired in "my order", and can track the delivery status.

It is worth mentioning that if the passenger's itinerary is changed or modified, the system will remind the passenger to return the meal. When the passenger clicks the "chargeback" button in the order, the system will prompt that the refund arrival date is "1-7 working days", while the reporter's personally measured refund arrival time is only a few seconds.