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The reason of dry and itchy skin in summer the face is the most one's' facade ', which is a body part that people are very concerned about. However, due to the dry weather in summer, many people's faces will appear dry and itchy skin. Who is the reason for the dry and itchy skin in summer?

Why is dry and itchy skin in summer

1. mat

Many people like to sleep on the mat in the hot summer, but also because so many people have itchy skin, and there will be some small red pimples. Experts pointed out that these symptoms are caused by mat mite dermatitis symptoms. There are many mites hidden in the gap of the mat. If they are not cleaned in time, it is likely to cause dermatitis. These mites bite on the human skin, resulting in small red pimples with red swelling, as well as itching and pain.

2. Wet weather

For the cause of itchy skin, many factors in summer are induced by one of the reasons, among which humid weather is the most common factor. It is rainy in summer, so it is a good season for mycosis. Such weather will cause the human skin to be infected by fungi and induce inflammation. Therefore, experts suggest that you should boil and disinfect your towels with boiled water every few days in summer, so as to better eliminate fungi and protect your skin health.

3. Spray dew

The most commonly used summer products are dew and sunscreen, but many people do not know that the two most commonly used summer products are the cause of skin itching. Experts point out that spray dew and sunscreen can cause contact dermatitis, which can cause itching and small red rashes. In summer, the use of dew to prevent the mosquitoes, and some people are allergic to the ingredients of dew, once used, it will appear red papule and other reactions. This kind of symptom has a certain incubation period. Generally, it needs to be pushed back for a few days before pruritus occurs. Therefore, we must pay attention to the use of dew in summer.

4. Sun dermatitis

The sun is very bright and dazzling in summer, so many people suffer from photosensitive dermatitis, the most common of which is actinic dermatitis. In summer, the time of sunshine is longer, and the ultraviolet light is stronger, so the sun dermatitis also occurs. Many people mistakenly think that they work indoors, so they spend less time in the sun, so they won't suffer from sun dermatitis naturally. In fact, this is not the case.

How to deal with dry and itchy skin in summer

1、 Gentle cleansing.

Cleansing cream should be mild, mild cleansing cream or soap free cleansing lotion. Don't over massage your face and don't use scrub products, which will make your skin more vulnerable and cause more damage to your skin. After washing your face, you should use a towel or paper towel to gently dry the water.

Tip: if it is already particularly sensitive skin, you can wash your face without cleanser, with lukewarm and lukewarm water, or with soothing make-up water to moisten the make-up cotton and gently wipe your skin. If there is a lot of oil in the T-zone, you can only use cleanser to wash away the dirt in the T-zone.

2、 Calm and replenish water.

Dryness is the main reason for skin sensitivity. For sensitive skin, moisturizing lotion should be used to calm and soothe. When choosing make-up water, you should avoid alcohol and choose mineral hot spring water with trace elements. When the inflammation happens, spray this hot spring water, which can relieve the swelling and inflammation.

Coup: high functional make-up water soaked mask paper, and then applied to the face for 5 minutes, quickly replenish enough moisture and nutrition. Fresh water film is refreshing, is the skin's lowest burden mask.

3、 Moisturizing and sunscreen.

Sensitive skin should pay more attention to sun protection to resist the sun's greater damage to the reddening skin, and the use of sunscreen is also exquisite. First of all, it is required to completely isolate ultraviolet rays, secondly, it is required to have good air permeability, and finally, it is required to have moisture and extensibility.

Tip: discarding heavy sunscreen cream can use a face cream with sunscreen effect, and the SPF is about SPF15. The painting technique is mainly pressing.

4、 Emergency repair.

If the skin has already felt tingling and the symptoms of a small rash appear, it means that the damage of the sebum membrane is not light, so it is necessary to help the skin put on a thicker protective clothing.

Second move: carry Vaseline texture repair cream with you during the day. If you feel that it's not appropriate to apply a thin layer of cotton stick, it can replace the damaged sebum film to protect the skin from the stimulus source. After washing your face at night, you can apply a thick layer of moisturizing and freezing film, spray the active spring water from time to time to cool down and relieve. After 20 minutes, the dry and red alarm can be removed.

How to regulate skin water shortage in summer

Morning skin care

Daily basic skin care work in the morning is indispensable. At least three moisturizing skin care products are needed, such as skin lotion, moisturizing lotion, moisturizing essence, etc. These can help the skin absorb moisture better.

Eight glasses of water a day

It's said that girls are made of water. Eight glasses of water a day is the most commonly heard word. Make sure you drink at least 6 cups of water every day. When you go out, you should drink more water, so that you can be a water beauty~

Night care

The replenishment work at night is much more complicated than that in the morning. It is essential to apply moisturizing cream or apply a facial mask. Apply it at 11 o'clock in the evening and have a good sleep. The next day, the skin is soft, tender and full of moisture.

Air humidification

The air conditioner blows frequently in summer, so put a basin of clear water in the room before going to bed. This can increase the air humidity in the room and help skin moisturize. Of course, it's better to use the air humidifier!

Don't drink water before going to bed

Although girls should drink more water, they should try to drink less water after 8 p.m.! Do not drink a lot of water before going to bed, or your eyes will be puffy the next day.