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Medicinal value of buckwheat head edible method of buckwheat head

Many people are not very clear about the effect of buckwheat head, and its effect also has many aspects, for example, it has a good effect on promoting human digestion, and eating this kind of food will not have any harm to the health of the body. What is the medicinal value of buckwheat head? Let's have a look.

Effect of buckwheat head:

1. Digestion: it is conducive to the secretion of gastric acid and the digestion of food, and is suitable for the treatment of the syndrome of food stagnation.

2. Stop vomiting and eliminate belching: reduce stomach qi and regulate spleen and stomach.

3. Harmonious stomach: warm the stomach and treat stomach cold.

4. Invigorating the spleen: it is suitable for abdominal distention, loose stools, loss of appetite, fatigue of limbs and other diseases caused by weak temper and weak transportation.

5. Calming mind and eliminating boredom: carbohydrates can supplement the glucose consumed by the brain, relieve the fatigue, irritability, dizziness, insomnia, sweating at night, inattention, forgetfulness, extreme thirst, depression, disorder and even hallucination caused by insufficient glucose supply in the brain.

Selection of buckwheat head:

Buckwheat head color white, single and fat for the top grade.

How to eat buckwheat head:

1. Stir fry: buckwheat head with special flavor, similar to garlic but not strong garlic taste, can be stir fried as a general vegetable. It should be noted that the head of buckwheat head can be boiled, but the buckwheat leaves are easy to be aged after long cooking. If you don't want to waste buckwheat leaves, you should separate the buckwheat head from other ingredients, stir fry the buckwheat head with other ingredients first, then put the buckwheat leaves, turn green and start the pot.

2. Hot pot: buckwheat head with shallot, garlic, tomato (tomato) (ginger, cucumber and so on can be added by yourself), can be used as the base material of hot pot with good taste, which is quite distinctive in the bottom of clear soup, also pay attention to separate buckwheat leaves, buckwheat leaves are only suitable for instant eating.

The above introduction is what is the medicinal value of buckwheat head. At ordinary times, we can eat it as a kind of food. In addition, we can choose the way to eat it according to our own taste. No matter it's fried or hot pot, it's especially delicious. In addition, it also has the effect of conditioning our body, especially the effect of promoting appetite and spleen.