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What are the nutrients of mung bean sprouts? Function and function of mung bean bud

Mung bean sprouts are rich in many nutrients, which can effectively help us to supplement the vitamins we need in the body, also can effectively help us achieve the role of promoting digestion and reducing the chance of stomach disease. Let's see what nutritional value mung bean sprouts have.

bean sprouts can prevent freckles and black spots and make skin white. Taking it in winter can prevent coldness and turning purple.

A recent survey of the eating habits of 63 centenarians by the Department of food and nutrition of Hannan University in South Korea found that their recipes have striking similarities: generally, they are rice + soy Soup + vegetables. Among them, soy sauce soup is mainly made of vegetables and tofu, while vegetables are mainly bean sprouts. According to the researchers, bean sprouts play an important role in the longevity and health of the elderly. Eating bean sprouts can prolong life

According to the research of modern geriatric medicine, among the 10 kinds of food with longevity effect, the first is soybean and bean sprout, and the sixth is mung bean and bean sprout. South Korea's survey also shows that there are no hypertension, heart disease, arteriosclerosis and other diseases in the elderly. Expert analysis, this is because bean sprouts contain a large number of anti acid substances, with a good anti-aging function, can play an effective role in detoxification.

Among all the bean sprouts, soybean sprouts have the highest nutritional value. Soybean is called "the king of beans". It has a high protein content, but it contains a trypsin inhibitor, which not only affects the utilization of protein, but also causes abdominal distention after eating. After germination, these problems can be solved. In addition, due to the role of enzymes, more mineral elements such as calcium, phosphorus, iron and zinc are released. The results showed that after germination, carotene increased by 1-2 times, vitamin B2 by 2-4 times, vitamin B12 by 10 times, vitamin E by 2 times, nicotinic acid by more than 2 times and folic acid by times. In addition, there is a sharp increase in aspartic acid, so eating bean sprouts can reduce the accumulation of lactic acid in the body and eliminate fatigue. Experts from Texas Institute of cancer prevention have pointed out that chlorophyll in soybean sprouts can decompose the nitrosamine in human body, and then play a role in the prevention of various gastrointestinal cancers such as rectal cancer.

We learned what nutrients of mung bean sprouts can help us to play the role of mung bean sprouts more effectively and bring more benefits to ourselves. Eating more mung bean sprouts everyday has a very significant effect on curing the diseases such as encephalitis that are easy to occur. The price of mung bean sprouts is not very high, which is very suitable for our daily consumption.