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Effect of Hawthorn slice and cassia seed in water

In life, you can often see friends who want to lose weight by all means, but losing weight is a relatively hard process. Without perseverance, it is difficult to lose weight successfully. There are many foods and herbs that can lose weight in traditional Chinese medicine clinic. The reasonable use of them is very prominent for the health care effect. Today, I'd like to introduce to you that there is a good way to lose weight The effect of Hawthorn slice and cassia seed in water.

Effect of Hawthorn slice and cassia seed in water

People with heavy weight, or people with heavy gastrointestinal burden, can drink this tea to reduce fat and lose weight. Lotus leaf has the effect of regulating the spleen and stomach. It is also suitable for people who lose weight when drinking tea. Dried lotus leaf is sold in the flower and grass tea counter of Chinese drugstore or supermarket, and the price is very cheap. Hawthorn has the effect of clearing fat and accelerating the elimination of waste in the body. Tangerine peel can improve dyspepsia, regulate qi and strengthen spleen. In addition to being available in pharmacies or supermarkets, you can also make your own tangerine peel this season.

Hawthorn slice cassia seed water can strengthen stomach, disperse blood stasis, reduce blood fat, and lotus leaf has the effect of clearing fire. It is important to lose weight, but try not to choose to rely on drugs to lose weight. Drugs do great harm to our body, which is easy to cause endocrine disorders. Hawthorn tea with lotus leaf is a safe and effective way to lose weight. Long-term drinking can have Effectively help us lose weight.

Although there are many functions of Hawthorn slice and lotus leaf cassia seed in the water, not all people can apply it. They think that everyone's physique is different. For the patients with stomach cold and body deficiency, this health tea can give full play to the health care effect, but for some people with hot and dry body, it is not suitable for drinking. They think that it will increase the body's fire and lead to the rise of the body's fire The appearance of symptoms of burning.