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What are the factors related to personal pension of 2018 endowment insurance personal payment standa as the life security of employees after retirement, pension is the most important for every working person. As a pension plan, pension insurance has always attracted people's attention. What is the individual payment standard of pension insurance in 2018? How much is the individual pension related to what factors?

Individual payment standard of endowment insurance in 2018

In 2018, the individual payment standard and government minimum subsidy standard of basic endowment insurance for urban and rural residents are still in accordance with the standards listed in NRS [2016] No. 187 document. Among them, the individual annual payment standard of the insured is one to six grades, respectively 1000 yuan, 1100 yuan, 1300 yuan, 1500 yuan, 2000 yuan and 2500 yuan. The government subsidy standards for payers are as follows: for individuals who choose 1000 yuan, 1100 yuan and 1300 yuan, the minimum standard of government subsidy is 130 yuan per person per year; for those who choose 1500 yuan and 2000 yuan, the minimum standard of government subsidy is 140 yuan per person per year; for those who choose 2500 yuan, the minimum standard of government subsidy is 150 yuan per person per year.

How much personal pension is related to what factors?

Every retiree who participates in endowment insurance can get basic pension, but the amount is different. The main reasons for the differences are as follows:

1. The length of service is different.

Generally speaking, the longer the length of service, the longer the accumulated payment period, and the more pension.

2. Salaries are different.

The higher the wage, the higher the contribution base and the more the pension.

3. Retirement age is different.

The later the retirement age is, the more pension fees are paid, the more pension.

4. The average social wage varies from place to place.

The more developed the local economy is, the higher the average wage of the employees is, and the more pensions are calculated and paid in turn.