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What kind of food can quickly remove uric acid from the body

Sihaiwang: there are about 1200 mg of uric acid in the human body, about 600 mg is newly generated every day, and 600 mg is discharged at the same time, which is in a balanced state. However, if the body produces too much time to excrete or the mechanism of uric acid excretion deteriorates, the body will retain too much uric acid. When the blood uric acid concentration is greater than 7 mg / dl, gout will be caused. So how to eliminate excessive uric acid in the body? Let's take a look at it with Xiaobian~

If you don't pay attention to the high uric acid in the physical examination, then gout is not far away from you!

Of course, first of all, you must not eat high purine food, beer, seafood, animal viscera, must not eat first, all in the period of excretion of uric acid, and then you supplement uric acid, when can you finish it?!

The best way to get rid of acid is to drink water, but it's not easy to drink water. We have our own stress!

Drink plenty of water:

The lower the blood uric acid, the less likely the gout attack will be, and the faster the gout stone will shrink. Drinking water can not only dilute uric acid, but also excrete a lot of uric acid through urination. Some people say that normal people drink 8 glasses of water every day, but there is no absolute indicator for drinking water. But for people with high uric acid, we suggest to drink more water, or even 2L of water a day, that is, a whole bottle of Sprite. Don't worry about drinking too much. People's daily urination and natural evaporation are enough to remove so much water, but also take away the uric acid in the body.

Soda water:

There are many drugs that can alkalize urine, such as potassium hydrogen citrate, etc., but these are all clinical drugs. The best that people can touch in daily life is alkalized urine. Soda water contains sodium bicarbonate, which can alkalize urine and effectively promote the excretion of uric acid!

Sodium bicarbonate needs to be separated from other drugs for at least 1-2 hours, and carbon dioxide will be produced in the stomach after taking it, which is easy to cause flatulence, just pay attention to it.

Tea water and juice:

Some people think tea water can also play a role, especially green tea. Some sweet fruits can also play the role of osmotic diuresis. Many gout patients eat watermelon in summer, and the symptoms are obviously relieved. In fact, watermelon is your diuretic effect. If you don't have diabetes, you may as well eat some fresh fruit and juice to promote the elimination of uric acid!