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Can diabetic patients drink alcohol? Can drinking alcohol aggravate diabetes

Four seas net: can diabetic patients drink, can drinking aggravate diabetes? We have to look at this issue from several perspectives. Many sugar friends are concerned about diet: what I eat or what I drink won't make blood sugar rise. In fact, the starting point of this problem is not accurate, or even deadly! So can diabetics drink? Let's take a look at it with Xiaobian~

Postprandial hyperglycemia is a headache for diabetic patients, which means that they fail to control their sugar, either to increase the dosage or exercise, or to eat less! For diabetes patients, it is important to pay attention to the change of blood glucose, but we should take precautions. After all, the probability of diabetes patients eventually combined with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, cancer and other chronic diseases has already exceeded half, and even many diabetes patients may die of complications finally.

If a diabetic intends to drink alcohol, he needs to know several questions first:

Habitual drinking and excessive drinking have great influence on liver and pancreas

Everyone knows that drinking hurts, but not everyone knows where it hurts. Some people say that drinking hurt your stomach and feelings, but for diabetics, what you can't afford is your liver and pancreas. Liver is the largest digestive gland and detoxification factory, and pancreas is the most important gland of blood glucose metabolism. Diabetes patients will take hypoglycemic drugs every day. These drugs have increased the detoxification burden of the liver. If you take too much alcohol, it will not only obviously damage the liver cells, but also seriously affect the liver detoxification function and liver glycogen metabolism, and affect the release of liver glycogen into the blood. This is also the illusion that some people find that drinking alcohol does not necessarily increase blood sugar. In fact, your liver glycogen reserve And metabolic functions have been alerted. Diabetes patients should cherish and protect their pancreas most, but some people drink their own secretion of digestive fluid to digest their pancreas, and even drink the terrible situation of 'pancreatic lysis'.

Alcohol's calories significantly increase your whole day calorie intake

Some people say that I know nutrition. The nutrients that produce heat are protein, fat and carbohydrate. Alcohol is to speed up blood circulation, so it produces heat! Drinking can prevent cardiovascular disease! That's right. For healthy people, proper drinking (real drinking) will be beneficial to health, and it will help to protect blood vessel elasticity and promote blood circulation. But this is not to say that people with diabetes can also drink more, especially those with poor blood sugar control, and those who have been combined with hyperlipidemia, hypertension or gout. Moreover, I can't help but tell you: the calorific value of alcohol is 7kcal / g, which is very close to the calorific value of fat 9kcal / g! And it has far exceeded the calorific value of protein and carbohydrate by 4kcal / g, and the heat of alcohol will be used by the human body first, and the heat of other foods you eat during the meal will be hoarded, so people who often drink alcohol are prone to fatty liver and obesity. Diabetes can lead to insulin resistance and comorbidity. The accumulated heat in the liver fills your liver cells with triglycerides. If your transaminase is found to be high in the physical examination one day, then it will be declared that your liver function is abnormal and the air defense alarm has been sounded!

Alcohol metabolism increases nutrient consumption or makes complications easier

A small amount of alcohol is beneficial to the health of healthy people. The standard amount of alcohol of no more than 15g per day is the best. The standard amount of 15g alcohol is 350ml for beer, 150ml for red wine, 45ml for low alcohol, 25-30g for high alcohol, and about 15g for alcohol, while women should reduce it more. If the blood sugar of diabetes patients is well controlled, they can properly drink less alcohol and sugar, and try to drink less white wine.

The metabolism of alcohol needs to consume more B vitamins and vitamin C, while many diabetes patients have obesity, diabetes mellitus combined with neurological diseases, vascular sclerosis, hyperlipidemia and hypertension. When drinking, they eat more meat and eat less vegetables, and they consume more vitamin and other coenzymes, which will further increase the burden on the body.