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How to regulate women's cold constitution

Four seas network: women are prone to physical cold, which will bring great harm to women's bodies. The symptoms of physical cold in women generally include cold hands and feet, dizziness, tinnitus, vomiting, etc., so how to regulate the cold constitution of women? Let's have a look.

How to regulate women's cold constitution

1. Many girls like to eat spicy food such as hot and sour powder or ice cream or raw and cold food, which will cause harm to the body. Women with cold body need to drink enough hot water every day, and those who don't like to drink boiled water can choose and drink the granules. But it's worth mentioning that extra water is the enemy of cold women. Excess water will not only absorb the body's heat, but also reduce the function of the kidney, which will lead to a vicious cycle. Excess water will also be the cause of obesity in the lower body, so don't drink too much water.

2. Exercise can adjust the blood circulation of the whole body. Women with cold body can choose not to exercise violently, but it is OK to play badminton, walk or jog. Try to keep enough exercise.

3. A woman with cold body can knock on the inside and outside of her thigh. Every day, she can knock for 100 times, massage her abdomen, activate channels and collaterals, and promote gastrointestinal peristalsis.

4. Even in summer, a woman with cold body should take a bath with warm water for half an hour, which can not only keep her body clean and dry, but also promote blood circulation around the pelvis, accelerate metabolism, expel cold and dredge meridians.

5. During menstruation, women with cold body should keep warm, wear more clothes, and never wash their hair with cold water, because cold water washing in menstruation can cause serious wind and headache.

6. Comb your hair frequently (hundreds of acupoints), blow your navel (Dantian) with electric hair dryer after bath, blow your waist with hypoglycemia, blow your back brain spoon with irregular menstruation, soak your feet in hot water every night, and knock Zusanli every day.

7. Every morning three pieces of ginger, a cup of honey water, three red dates, two days a bottle of yogurt, usually eat duck blood and pig blood.

8. Within 1-5 days after menstruation, protein, mineral and blood supplement food should be supplemented. Choose the food that has both beauty and blood tonic functions, such as milk, egg, pigeon egg, quail egg, beef, mutton, pig's hoof, Gorgon fruit, spinach, longan meat, carrot, apple, litchi meat, cherry, etc.

9. When suffering from severe cold, three pieces of ginger, not serious is two pieces. If it is used for health care, one piece of ginger can be used. Red dates are also based on six to ten pieces. Add water and bring to a boil, then reduce the heat for 15 minutes. Put the eggs in a bowl and mix well. Rinse the eggs with boiling water.

10. Take Buxue Tang during the first week after the end of the holiday. During this period, the key point is to nourish yin and blood, because the blood loss is large during the holiday period. Recommended therapeutic recipe: 6G cooked ground, 9g prepared Shouwu, 3G angelica, 3G fried white peony, 6G donkey hide gelatin, 3 longan meat, 1 pork cavity. Drink soup. Put less salt and less spices. 2-3 times a week.

11. Wash feet with warm water every day, massage and stimulate the acupoints of feet, and walk for half an hour.

12. In traditional Chinese medicine, salt has the saying of warm body. Therefore, proper intake of salt has the effect of adjusting blood circulation. Of course, salt should not be taken too much, otherwise, it will have an impact on health.

13. Eating too much will not only lead to obesity, but also cold body. If you eat too much, gastrointestinal activity will slow down, and most of the blood will stay in the gastrointestinal. The concentrated warmth of the abdomen will lead to the cold of hands and feet, so it is better to eat with eight points full.

How can women's body cold be improved

Keep in a good mood

Get enough sleep every day. Don't stay up late. When encountering unpleasant things, we should take appropriate measures to vent them in time and communicate with family and friends.

Keep warm

Women who love beauty must not wear little because they love beauty in autumn and winter. It is easy to cause cold air to invade their bodies. Not only do you need to wear more clothes to keep warm, but also you need to bask in the sun to supplement your energy.

Pay attention to eating less cold and raw food

Such as balsam pear, pear and other fruits, try not to eat ice cream. It's cold in winter in the north, so you can eat more warm food, such as beef and mutton; it's mild in the south, so you can eat some sweet and warm food, such as chicken and duck.

Pay attention to exercise

Jogging, brisk walking and other aerobic exercises will make the whole body active, promote blood circulation, help to reduce cold symptoms, and long-term adherence can gradually change cold constitution. But we should pay attention to avoid high-intensity exercise, otherwise it is easy to 'vent Yang Qi', but aggravate body cold. Weak body is not suitable for sports can bubble feet every day, with 40 ℃ hot water immersion knee, bubble 20 minutes. Knead the feet while soaking them, the effect will be better.