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Who will win the final of 2018 World Cup between Brazil and Belgium

With the World Cup finals coming out, many netizens are speculating about who the champion will be this year. Which country will the 2018 World Cup champion be? World Cup winner country forecast? Let's have a look. With the dust of last night's last two matches of the first quarter of this morning settled, the last eight finals of this world cup have all been produced, which can be described as several joys and sorrows. Then came the quarter finals.

Although Argentina and Portugal are out of the first half, Uruguay, France, Brazil and Belgium are still very popular and powerful teams in the first half. In my opinion, these four teams have the strength to compete for the championship. In the second half of the region, there are host Russia, lattice Corps Croatia, Viking Sweden and three lions Corps England. They are also very competitive. Who can go further?

Brazil vs Belgium

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