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Yi Nengjing said that children can't drink mineral water why? What water is the best for children?

In the recently broadcasted story of mother taking baby, Yi Nengjing and her daughter, Mi Li, Bao Wenjing and her daughter's dumplings, go to see animals with Jin Rong, Superman. Among them, Yi Nengjing firmly opposed to drinking mineral water for millet, and said that the mineral children in the mineral water could not be discharged, which was a threat to the kidney. I believe that many Baoma are the same as Xiaobian. There is such a question: what kind of water is good for children? Can't they really drink mineral water?

In the car, Yi Nengjing is going to feed her daughter water. Pick up a bottle of water and ask Bao Wenjing if it's mineral water. Bao Wenjing says yes. Yi Nengjing didn't ask for it. He said that children can't drink mineral water. Bao Wenjing is confused and asks why? You can drink it!

Yi Nengjing told Bao Wenjing that the mineral spring had pressure on the child's kidney and she couldn't discharge it. Bao Wenjing still doesn't believe the truth? Yi Nengjing definitely tells her it is true. Bao Wenjing said that I've been like this since I was a child. Yi Nengjing can't believe it. He asked Bao Wenjing if you've heard of it. You can give it to her, but it's better to drink pure water.

What water is best for children? Can children drink mineral water?

The best drink for children is boiled water. It's best to drink boiled water for children. Of course, drinking some mineral water occasionally can't be like the enemy, but mineral water is really not suitable for babies to drink.

First of all, the source of mineral water comes from the deep underground water, which can be directly drunk without disinfection. However, the monitoring of the total number of bacteria in mineral water has exceeded the standard both at home and abroad. Therefore, mineral water cannot be trusted completely, and there are many safety and health problems in itself. However, the gastrointestinal function of the child is not fully mature, and his resistance is very weak, so it is not appropriate to give mineral water to the child.

In addition, the mineral content of mineral water is more than that of ordinary boiled water, and the metabolism of mineral materials needs to pass through the kidney, which will inevitably cause the problem of kidney overload. Baby is still in the primary stage of life, various organs are not mature, excessive intake of minerals will lead to excessive burden on baby's organs.

Secondly, the plastic bottle used for mineral water also contains harmful substances. The longer the plastic bottle is placed, the more easily the toxic substances in the bottle will be absorbed, and the more harmful the mineral water will be.

It can be seen that mineral water can not only supplement beneficial trace elements for human body, but also intake harmful elements for human body. Therefore, boiled water is the most suitable for human body and plays an important role in human metabolism. To sum up, it's better to drink boiled water for the baby.