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How to eat noodles to avoid being fat instant noodles are common in our daily life. They are also called instant noodles. Because they are convenient, fast and have various tastes, they are popular with people. Will they get fat if they eat more instant noodles? How to eat instant noodles to avoid getting fat?

Do you get fat if you eat too much instant noodles

Eating more will make you fat. It is a kind of fast food with high calorie and low nutrition. It is not good to eat more, and even leads to some diseases.

1. Instant noodles are fried things, and the content of salt is more, and the nutritional value is very low. Long term use may not only increase the chance of gaining weight, but also easily lead to hypertension, abnormal lipid metabolism, etc.

2. Excessive salt intake will cause edema, which is similar to people's cognitive obesity, and even more than obesity, the risk of illness.

3. Eating too much results in excessive intake of carbohydrate and fat, which leads to obesity, and promotes heart disease, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, hypertension and other obesity related diseases.

How to eat instant noodles to avoid getting fat

1. No sauce bag

It's really tempting to put the sauce bag on. But more than 90% of the sauce bag is grease, and the oil content of the fried dough is 20% higher than the standard, so it's better to sacrifice the sauce if you don't get fat.

2. No noodle soup

The noodle soup is very fragrant. If it's cold in winter, it makes people feel like they can't stop. However, in order to avoid obesity, it's better not to drink soup. Because the salt content in the soup is too high, the daily salt intake of each person should not be higher than 6G, and the salt content in the instant noodles, pasta and material bag is 1.8 times of the standard amount. Then, if you have more salt, you like to drink water, especially at night, which is easy to cause edema.

3. Oil absorption with tomato or vegetable leaves

(1) When making noodles, you may as well soak the noodles with seasoning for 2 minutes, then cut the tomatoes into thin slices and throw them in, stir and continue to stew, and then fish out the tomatoes in 2 minutes. Tomato has a strong oil absorption effect, and the greasy feeling of instant noodles disappears all of a sudden. It is said that this method can reduce the fat content of instant noodles by 15%. And the instant noodles soaked in tomatoes taste slightly sour, which makes people have a big appetite.

(2) Vegetable oil absorption effect is good, and tomato oil absorption belongs to the same principle. For example, it's very convenient to put cabbage and other seasonal vegetables when making noodles. Just wash several vegetable leaves in the kitchen and throw them in. It is better to cover the cabbage on the surface and absorb the floating oil after brewing. It can reduce the oil content by 10 ~ 15%.

(3) Lemon has the best oil absorption, better than tomato and vegetable. Peel and slice the lemon and put it into the instant noodles. Remove it in 4 minutes. This method can reduce the fat by about 18.5%.

Note: if you want to lose weight, don't eat vegetables or tomatoes that have been soaked in instant noodles. You have to fish them up.

The harm of often eating instant noodles

Poor production

We all know that instant noodles are made by hand instead of growing crops. In the process of making instant noodles, many manufacturers' factory sanitation is not up to standard. Even large manufacturers will have certain chemical reactions in the process of making instant noodles. This chemical can cause cancer after human consumption


Instant noodles contain less vitamins and are over seasoned. The nutrition of pasta is eliminated in frying. It can not provide nutrition for human body at all. Only the heat energy can easily lead to liver fire. The development of children eating too much instant noodles will be too greedy for taste, resulting in a decrease in the content of normal eating, resulting in anorexia, partial eating.

Less nutrition

The human body in instant noodles must supplement very few nutrients, such as vitamins, various minerals and so on. And these nutrients are the essential elements to maintain our life. If you eat instant noodles for a long time, the lack of nutrition in the human body will lead to slow brain response and affect the development of the body.


We all know that in order to ensure the effective use of food, most instant noodles are added with anti oxygen food additives. The acid it produces consumes nutrients. After eating into the body, the metabolism of the human body will be destroyed, which will lead to premature aging.


Because the instant noodles are mostly compressed fried food, when they are eaten into the stomach, they will swell when they encounter water. In particular, if children eat too much in the development period, it will lead to dizziness and weakness, mental depression, and growing obesity.

White pollution

We all know that when using plastic instead of cutlery, once filled with boiling water, there will be a smell. So the temperature of the water for the friends who eat instant noodles in barrels is about 65 ℃. It will decompose the harmful substances of tableware into instant noodles. People's health is damaged unconsciously.