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What are the functions of drinking white radish, scallion, white ginger water

At ordinary times, the common fruits and vegetables we eat are used properly, and the effect is no worse than that of drugs. For example, for the common cold, you can get a good therapeutic effect by using white radish, scallion and ginger. In this way, there is no side effect on the body. Let's talk about the effect of white radish, scallion and ginger water. Let's take a look at it

1. Symptoms of cold wind and cough

Cold in traditional Chinese medicine can be divided into four categories: wind cold, wind heat, heat dampness and Qi deficiency. Cough can also be divided into exogenous cough caused by wind cold and wind heat, and internal injury cough caused by other reasons of the body. Generally, cold in autumn and winter is caused by wind chill.

Performance: cough frequency, pharyngeal itch sound heavy, nose clear runny, or cold no sweat, fever headache, tongue light red, moss thin white, pulse floating tight. Or accompanied by cough, phlegm, polychromatic leukoaraiosis.

2. Cold wind, cough, radish, scallion, ginger water

For cold cough, radish, scallion and ginger stew can be used. The method is to take 1 radish, 6 shallots and 15g ginger, boil the radish with three bowls of water, then put the green onion and ginger into a bowl of soup, drink it two or three times a day, and you can see the effect after a few days.

3. Other therapeutic methods for wind cold cough

White radish honey: 1 big white radish, 30g honey, 5 white pepper, 2G ephedra. Wash and slice the radish, put it into a bowl, pour in honey, white pepper, ephedra and so on, steam for half an hour, take it while it's hot, and when you're lying in bed, you'll recover from perspiration; sweating, dispersing cold, coughing and resolving phlegm, and treating wind and cold cough.

Congee with ginger and scallion: 20 grams of ginger and scallion respectively, 150 grams of Japonica rice. Add ginger and scallion to the rice porridge, cook it slightly, and eat it while it is hot. It has the effect of dispersing wind and cold to relieve the surface.

The above gives you a detailed introduction of the function of white radish, scallion and ginger water, which is mainly used to treat cough in cold and wind. Its effect is very significant, and white radish plus honey can also dissipate phlegm and stop cough, so it is possible to use these prescriptions to treat the disease in the early stage, because this is originally used to treat cough medicine diet.