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What kinds of dogs can I keep

Wang Xingren is cute, sweet and docile. He is a good partner of all of us. Many kinds of dogs are familiar to us. What kinds of dogs are there? What kind of dog do you like? The following breed of dogs are the most common, see which one you like.

Siberian Husky

Husky is the most wolf like dog. He is as brave as a wolf and has the king style of a wolf. Nowadays, as a popular pet dog, Husky's character has become very gentle and warm, and it is rare to meet you. Husky was originally used to pull sleds, participate in large-scale hunting activities, protect villages and guide reindeer and guard. Moreover, working in the harsh environment of Siberia, they are extremely energetic and restless most of the time. At home, everything is turned over, torn apart, torn apart, and left when you go out. Its expression is changeable and its character is funny, so it is named erha.

Golden Retriever

Golden hair is named for its fluffy and beautiful golden hair. Large size, belonging to large dogs. Golden hair is honest, very good, not noisy not fierce, very easy to raise, or a famous loyal dog. They are affectionate, intelligent and agile (Golden Retriever is the fourth most intelligent dog in the world), like to play with children, like sports and are greedy for food, so most of them are slightly fat. People like the stable personality and symmetrical, powerful, burly body make golden hair even get the reputation of warm man in the dog world, giving people a full sense of security. Young golden hair is cute, which makes people fall in love at first sight.

Scotland shepherd dog

Su mu, Scottish shepherd. The head is wedge-shaped, and the face is thin and dry. From the neck to the tail, it is covered with luxurious and abundant hair. The height is roughly equal to the length of the body, and the body is slim and handsome. Generally, Su Mu has several different hair colors, such as black gray, brown yellow and white gray. Su Mu is full of vitality, strong vigilance, good protection ability and full score of loyalty. In ancient times, the Scottish shepherd dog was easy to tame, gentle, faithful and reliable because of its outstanding ability to protect sheep. Nowadays, Su Mu gets along well with the children and is an effective bodyguard.


The grey and white dog with old man's eyebrows and beard can be divided into standard, mini and giant breeds according to its size. Sherena has the most plasticity in modeling. She is a fashionable model in the dog world. As long as her hair is properly trimmed and her natural face is embarrassed, she can always show a proud and charming noble style.

Healthy and beautiful dogs need exercise and health care, but also need a healthy diet to ensure a balanced nutrition intake. Parents are advised not to feed inferior dog food or human food. Professional high-quality dog food contains a reasonable proportion of protein, fat, minerals (calcium, phosphorus, zinc, copper, magnesium, potassium, iron, etc.) and a variety of vitamins, which can provide energy and nutrients for the growth and development of dogs.