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It's strange that the mother put the birth control ring in her son's girlfriend's body!

It's strange that the mother put the birth control ring in her son's girlfriend's body! Recently, a prospective mother-in-law put a birth control ring in her son's girlfriend's body. The cause of the incident was that her son, who graduated from University, fell in love with her working sister in a restaurant, but was opposed by his mother. However, her son and girlfriend lived together and became pregnant. The prospective mother-in-law pretended to agree that they were together, persuading the prospective daughter-in-law to have a birth control ring put into her body during the birth control. However, the bizarre story is just beginning At first!

Zhang Yang, the son of a college graduate, fell in love with her working sister, swallow, and was angry with her mother, Zhang Xiuqin. In order to prevent her son from marrying a working sister, Zhang Xiuqin, a nurse, made a crazy move: during an operation, she secretly put the birth control ring into the swallow's body.

This case, if not broadcast on CCTV legal channel, I would not believe it. I dare not write a novel like this.

This is how things come and go.

After graduating from University, Zhang Yang, his son, worked as a programmer in a company. In a flash, he got to the age of marriage. Zhang Xiuqin bought a set of commercial housing, hoping that her son would bring back a satisfactory girlfriend. However, the day failed, the son like the company downstairs in a restaurant working sister swallow.

Her son's new girlfriend was a high school graduate working sister. Zhang Xiuqin was in a hurry at that time. She immediately said to her son in an ordered tone, 'I don't agree. You have to cut off contact with her immediately. '

Zhang Yang, who is in love, naturally can't listen to his mother. Since his family can't accommodate him, Zhang Yang decides to move into the swallow's rental house and start living together.

Zhang Xiuqin couldn't sleep all night because of his son's departure. Taking advantage of the weekend, Zhang Xiuqin comes to the restaurant where the swallow is and scolds the swallow loudly.

Zhang Xiuqin even found the owner of the restaurant and warned him to dismiss the swallow immediately, otherwise he would quarrel every day. The boss was afraid of trouble, so he dismissed the swallow. However, Zhang Yang was annoyed and determined not to go home. His son and his mother began the indefinite cold war. Until one day a month later, things changed. The swallow is pregnant. Zhang Yang is going to get married soon.

Zhang Xiuqin heard the news in a whirlwind. Thinking about it, Zhang Xiuqin decided to turn passive into active, and pretended to let swallows live at home. After his son returned home, Zhang Xiuqin began to instill in him the idea of "wait until the conditions are ripe to have children".

The son agreed, and the swallow was also talked about, so Zhang Xiuqin, a nurse, took the swallow to the clinic in the evening when no one was there, and personally assisted the doctor to do the abortion operation for the swallow. In the process of abortion operation, looking at the swallow lying on the operating table, Zhang Xiuqin's head suddenly flashed a crazy idea. Took a birth control ring and secretly put it into the swallow's body.

Zhang Xiuqin thought that only in this way can swallows no longer be pregnant. Even if her son married her, he could break up without children. After being controlled by the expectant mother-in-law, the swallow was not in good health, but Zhang Yang disagreed, and the two people who quarreled frequently finally broke up.

After the break-up, Zhang Yang never recovered. He didn't want to work hard and played games at home. Zhang Xiuqin looks for his son's girlfriend everywhere, but no woman can see it.

At this time, Zhang Xiuqin's heart was filled with regret and thought of the good of swallows. But the crowd is vast, where to find the swallow?

Two years have passed. When Zhang Xiuqin was at a loss, the swallow found her own door. It turns out that after breaking up with Zhang Yang, swallow got a large amount of demolition money, studied business management courses, started his own business and met his fiance.

The fiance's family asked the swallow to get pregnant first and then get the license, but the swallow could not conceive because of the birth control ring in her body, so she found Zhang Xiuqin and asked her to help check her body. After finding out that swallows have achieved success in their careers, Zhang Xiuqin began to stir up the relationship between swallows and their fiance and let her son take advantage of the gap.

The fianc é began to beat the swallows after being aware of it, which eventually led to the swallows leaving the fianc é and reuniting with Zhang Yang. After swallows and Zhang Yang were reunited, they went to a large hospital for examination and finally found out the secret of their inability to conceive. In the face of the catastrophe he created, Zhang Xiuqin argued that all this was for the sake of swallows.

The swallows jumped up angrily and said that they would take Zhang Xiuqin to court. However, she was threatened by Zhang Xiuqin, who said she would expose the scandal of her abortion before marriage.

Swallow really can't swallow this tone, still will mother-in-law and Zhang Yang to court.

After investigation, the lawyer found that Zhang Xiuqin didn't obtain the qualification certificate of professional doctor and didn't have the qualification of abortion operation. According to forensic identification, Zhang Xiuqin's behavior caused minor injury to swallows.

According to the second paragraph of article 336 of the criminal law of our country, a person who has not obtained the qualification of practicing medicine shall, without authorization, carry out the operation of contraceptive recanalization, pseudo contraception, termination of pregnancy or removal of the IUD for another person, if the circumstances are serious, be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than three years, criminal detention or public surveillance and shall also, or shall only, be fined; if the health of the patient is seriously damaged, he shall be sentenced to not less than three years but not more than 10 years He shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment and shall also be fined; if he causes the death of the patient, he shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than 10 years and shall also be fined.

Finally, Zhang Xiuqin was sentenced to six months in prison and 5000 yuan.

After the judgment came into effect, the swallow and Zhang Yang dissolved their engagement.

Zhang Yang once again changed from the status of swallow's ex boyfriend to that of ex boyfriend, and became more degenerate after being hit by spirit. He refused to visit his mother in prison & hellip;