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What is the principle of constant frequency air conditioning? The difference between variable freque

Four seas net: mention summer people first reaction is hot, come down is air conditioning. Yes, air conditioning is the good news of summer. Air conditioning can make people comfortable in summer. In today's air conditioning market, variable frequency air conditioning can be said to be one of the most popular air conditioning types in the market, and also one of the main products in the air conditioning market. Many people will choose variable frequency air conditioning when they buy it. Variable frequency air conditioning is mainly used for automatic and stepless speed change, mainly to automatically provide the required heat and cold according to the situation in the room, and then operate it without stopping The stability of environment temperature.

The variable frequency air conditioner can not be changed according to the power supply frequency. At the same time, it can make room temperature hot and cold by opening and closing the air conditioner. The main difference is that the principle of compressor operation is different and there are differences in many aspects. Next, we will briefly introduce what the variable frequency air conditioner is. The main engine of variable frequency air conditioner will automatically make stepless change Speed, it can automatically provide the required cold (hot) quantity according to the room conditions; when the indoor temperature reaches the expected value, the air conditioner host can operate at a constant speed that can accurately maintain this temperature, so as to realize non-stop operation, so as to ensure the stability of the ambient temperature.

What is a constant frequency air conditioner

The power grid voltage of our country is 220 V, 50 Hz. The air conditioner working in this condition is called constant frequency air conditioner. Because the power supply frequency cannot be changed, the compressor speed of the traditional constant frequency air conditioner is basically unchanged, and the indoor temperature is adjusted by constantly turning on and off the compressor. It is easy to cause the room temperature to be hot and cold between one on and one off, and consume more electric energy.

Difference between frequency conversion and constant frequency of air conditioning

The biggest difference between frequency conversion and constant frequency air conditioning is that the application principle of the product on the compressor is different. The compressor of frequency conversion product can adjust the temperature moderately when it is opened and operated for a long time. If there is no need for a large amount of cold and hot air in the room, the air conditioner will operate in a low-frequency state, with intelligent constant temperature control, while the constant frequency product needs to adjust the air conditioner's cold and hot on and off under the artificial condition.

Frequency conversion air conditioning features energy saving. Because the frequency conversion air conditioner can adjust the operation speed of the air conditioner heart compressor at any time through the built-in frequency converter, so as to use the energy reasonably; because its compressor will not be opened frequently, it will keep the compressor in a stable working state, which can make the overall air conditioner achieve the effect of energy saving more than 30%. At the same time, it has obvious effect on reducing noise and prolonging service life of air conditioner.

High temperature control accuracy. It can control the cooling (heating) quantity of the air conditioner by changing the speed of the compressor. The cooling (heat) capacity has a change range, for example, the cooling capacity of 36gw frequency conversion is 360-400w, and the heating capacity is 300-6800w, so the indoor temperature control can be accurate to & plusmn; 1 ℃, making the human body feel very comfortable.

Fast temperature regulation. When there is a large difference between the room temperature and the fixed temperature, once the variable frequency air conditioner is turned on, it will work with the maximum power, so that the room temperature will rise or fall to the set temperature rapidly, and the refrigeration (heat) effect is obvious.

Keep room temperature constant. Variable frequency air conditioner adopts variable frequency compressor, which can automatically adjust the operating frequency of the compressor according to the change of cold (hot) load in the room. After reaching the set temperature, the variable frequency air conditioner operates at a lower frequency, avoiding the discomfort caused by the drastic change of room temperature. When the operating frequency is low when the load is hourly, the power consumed by the compressor is small, and frequent start and stop are avoided at the same time, so as to save more power.

The above is the difference between variable frequency air conditioning and constant frequency air conditioning. The main difference is that the principle of compressor operation is different. The compressor of variable frequency air conditioning is mainly capable of long-term operation and moderate temperature regulation. The fixed frequency air conditioning is mainly capable of low-frequency operation and intelligent control that cannot be controlled. Therefore, it is also selected in daily life It's more critical.