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Why do some people look good with glasses? Some people don't look good with glasses. Which people ar

In life, some people are suitable for wearing glasses, some people are not suitable for wearing glasses, so which people are suitable for wearing glasses? Or what kind of face is suitable for wearing? Let's take a look

1. Long distance between eyebrows and eyes

People with long distance between eyebrows and eyes will give a feeling that you are always frowning ~ some people with small eyes even look smaller! And wearing glasses can effectively shorten the distance between eyebrows and eyes from the visual point of view, making you look more harmonious!

2. Single eyelid / inner double + swollen eye bleb

Stars, when they just get up, they will use glasses to cover their swollen eyes. The frame of the glasses can just block the position of your eyelids and eyes, so that it won't look so swollen!

3. eye distance

There will be a thick frame on the bridge of the nose, which is also a good way to shorten the distance between your eyes.

4. The mountain root is not too high

The mountain root is not high. Without glasses, the facial features will be more flat, and glasses can make your face look less flat

In addition to wearing glasses, there is also your face is not suitable for this glasses, will also affect the value of the face Oh!

[square face]

If you have a square face and a wide chin, you don't need to choose glasses with edges and corners such as rectangle or square. Not only do you look serious, but you can also choose to wear a round frame to decorate your face, which is more friendly and gentle.

[peach heart face] peach heart face is relatively easy to match the face shape of glasses. The cheek and chin are slightly narrower than the forehead part. However, if the face contour is relatively symmetrical, the optional glasses frame cannot be too large or too small. At this time, the upper half of some glasses frame is wider, and there is a little detail on the glasses frame as ornament

[goose egg face]

If the peach heart face is relatively easy to match with the face shape of glasses, then the goose egg face is easier to control every glasses. Compared with other face types, the whole goose egg face will not be too lack of decorative parts, so it has less restrictions. There is no fixed glasses, so you can try different types.

[round face]

As a 'big round face', you should pay attention to choosing glasses with more edges and thick frames, such as rectangle or square. In contrast to square face, it is more helpful to cover up the shape of the face. Use the edges and corners to strengthen the three-dimensional sense of the face, so as to transfer the round appearance. Remember not to use the round frame at this time, or it will only add circle on the circle.