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Live address and Prospect of Sweden vs Switzerland in the 1 / 8 finals of the world cup on July 3, 2

At 22:00 p.m. on July 3, a strong dialogue continued in the final of the 2018 Russia world cup. The Vikings played against the Swiss Army knife.

Live time: 22:00, July 3

Live address: Id = 8000981 source = zhiboba refer = youkushijiebei [market. Liusiao. Liu [ziboba] 002000 [zqurim] 18061300

Expected first

Sweden are expected to start (4-4-2): Olsen / Ludwig, lindloff, glanquist, augustinson / Klasson, Swenson, eckdal, Fosbury / Marcus & middot; berry, toyvonne

Switzerland are expected to start (4-2-3-1): SOMO / Michael middot; LAN, Zhu Lu, akangi, Rodriguez / Behrami, zaca / shakri, zhemaerie, enboro / gavranovic

From the perspective of the overall hard strength, Sweden and Switzerland, although they are not European giants, they can also be regarded as one of the top European teams. In terms of overall strength, the two teams are only equal. In terms of star configuration, Sweden did not bring their absolute high star Ibrahimovic, but in midfield, the team still has such a good midfielder as Fosbury. And Switzerland, the team also has shakri, nautovic and other offensive players.

From the performance of the two teams in the group match, in the first round, Sweden won the group match successfully with South Korea 1-0. In the second round, Sweden did a very good job in the overall performance, especially in defense and counterattack. In the last round, Switzerland won the final small game with Mexico 3-0 in the difficult situation that it had to win Group one. On the Swiss side, the team drew against Brazil in the first round smoothly. In the second round, the team reversed Serbia in a difficult situation. In the last round, the team was able to get out of the line. It was also a 2-2 draw with Costa Rica smoothly. In terms of overall performance, it was also good, but to be fair, Switzerland really benefited a lot from the match with Serbia.

In terms of injuries of the two teams, Larsen, the main midfielder of Dian, is expected to replace him in the first place due to the accumulated yellow card suspension. On the Swiss side, the two main defensive forces of Switzerland failed to make the big list in this game. The main flank defender lichtensteiner and the main center defender Scheer were suspended due to the accumulated yellow cards, which needs special attention. Lichtensteiner is the captain and soul of Switzerland, and his absence has a great impact on Switzerland.

From the perspective of playing methods, Swedish players are tall and good at physical confrontation. It is an important means for them to pass from the side to the bottom and use set pieces to break the goal. In the middle and back field, fierce interception is the basic strategy, and counter attack is the main tactical strategy. In this world cup, Sweden is short of big stars, but the 442 parallel formation is very suitable for players to play. The breakthrough of toyvonen and Fosbury on the left side is very powerful. Although the tactics are simple, but the efficiency is quite high. Relatively speaking, Swiss footwork is better, but also relatively better at transmission and control. In terms of overall play, Sweden is not at a loss.