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What are the benefits of eating garlic every day? What are the nutritional value and efficacy of gar

Although garlic is common, its function is very powerful and it has certain medicinal value. Garlic, which is warm and good for stomach, has a good bactericidal effect and can effectively prevent tumor and cancer. In foreign studies, garlic is the most potential plant for anti-cancer. So what are the benefits of eating garlic? What is its nutritional value? Let's take a look

1. Anticancer

Foreign studies have found that sulfur compounds in garlic can promote the production of an enzyme or allicin in the intestine. By enhancing the immune capacity of the body, blocking the formation of lipid peroxidation and anti mutation and other ways, the risk of intestinal tumors caused by substances in the intestine can be eliminated. However, it is not clear how many of these enzymes need to be produced in order to effectively play the anti-tumor role of garlic.

2. Antiaging effect

Some ingredients in garlic have antioxidant and anti-aging properties similar to vitamin E and vitamin C.

3. Anti fatigue effect

It has been found that pork is one of the foods rich in vitamin B1, and the combination of vitamin B1 and Allicin contained in garlic can play a good role in eliminating fatigue and restoring physical strength.

Garlic will lose a lot of useful substances after heating, so the best way to use the health care function of garlic is to eat it raw, but the daily consumption can not be too much, just one flap. If you are not used to the pungent smell of raw garlic, you can eat it well, but you should not eat too much, just two cloves a day. Therefore, garlic is irritating to the eyes, and excessive consumption will lead to vision loss.